Rights Come From God

May 5, 2010

It all starts with the fact that Rights come from God. If Rights do not come from God, then Rights can not exist. If Rights came from the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, then they could be changed at the whim of the majority. If so, wouldn’t they then be simply priviledges that you enjoy at the will of the majority? Either Rights exist, or they do not exist.

Many people assume that Rights don’t come from God, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s dangerous to think that Rights come from anywhere else. If Rights are indeed at the will of the majority, then Rights can not be infringed on. It’s important, before everything else in politics, or life, that we recognize that Rights must come from God. Many people, both on the Right and Left, will not like what I’m about to say, but they can not deny this. As the Declaration of Independence stated, “Endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights” as one of the truths that are “Self evident”, if it was a self evident truth then, then wouldn’t it still be a self evident truth? Unfortunately, we in society today give so little thought to what Rights are, until it applies to ourselves.

If Rights come from God, then must it also be true that Rights belong to every single human being throughout the world? Why would God grant some Rights to Americans, other Rights to Germans or British, and then not grant Rights to the people in Iran? God doesn’t, He gives the same exact Rights to everybody. Governments either recognize some Rights, and then proceeds to infringe on the other Rights. If God, gives the same exact Rights to everybody, then doesn’t stand to reason that my Rights are the same as your Rights?

We have often confused the difference between Rights and priviledges. Rights, coming from God simply means that what you can do, the so can I. Priviledges mean that one person can do something that another can not. We have many people who think they have Rights because they live in the United States. This breeds a sense of arrogance, that we are better than other people in the world. That God himself, has picked Americans to have Rights, that he alone has given favoritism to the citizens of the United States. It’s not that we are better than other people in other nations, we have the good fortune of living in a country that recognizes that Rights come from God and that governments do not grant Rights, only infringes on Rights.

You might ask yourself, “Why does it matter where Rights come from?” If Governments or the majority can grant Rights, then they also can take those very Rights away at will, and if Rights can be taken away, then they would be priviledges. Would you say that slaves were given Rights in 1865? Or would you say that slaves had their Rights infringed on until 1865? If you said that they were given their Rights in 1865, then it should not matter that they did not have Rights prior to 1865. After all, the majority and the government did say that they did not have Rights. Since Rights come from Government, the majority, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, then their Rights did not exist until 1865.

It’s simply not true. Their Rights were being infringed on by the majority, and by the government. It’s a cruel part of American history that some people enjoyed their Rights and had their Rights recognized, while other people were having their Rights denied simply on the basis of color of skin. Their Rights existed, but they weren’t allowed to enjoy their Rights. They weren’t allowed th Right to assemble, they weren’t allowed to free speech, they did not enjoy the Right of not being the property of another human being.

That sad parts of American history is where we, as a nation, infringed on the Rights of other people. We look at internment camps and say look, they had their Rights infringed on, which is true. If their Rights weren’t being infringed on, we shouldn’t have a problem with internment camps. After all, if the majority of people approve, or if the government approves, and since our Rights come from the majority or the documents that guides our government, then it must be that their Rights were not infringed on.

Rights can not come from anywhere but God because they would then simply be priviledges that would be enjoyed at the whim of another entity. In each instance we recognize that their Rights were indeed infringed on. Rights are indeed given by God or they can not exist.

There are some people who would argue that they do not believe in God, so they can not accept the fact that Rights come from God. It doesn’t matter that they don’t believe in God to enjoy the same Rights as anybody else, but I do not understand how they then can believe that Rights exist. If Rights don’t exist, then we should just lie down and let governments do as they wish. Aren’t they the people who govern us? Isn’t it their priviledge to govern as they see fit?

If we do not recognize that Rights come from God, we then must recognize that Rights come from somewhere else, or do not exist at all. This becomes a slippery slope that leads to tyranny and despotism. If we recognize that Rights come from a third entity or that they do not exist at all, what then keeps Government from altering what Rights are? If the government feels the need to take Rights away from a group of people, and the people recognize that Rights come from a separate entity other than God, then doesn’t government simply alter that entity?

It then becomes justifiable for governments to do what they wish to any group of people. Governments can then say changes need to be made and the governed must acquiesce. After all, those supposed Rights came from government, and changing government changes those Rights. Rights can not be altered, priviledges can. Governments can look at the Rights we enjoy, and assume control over that, thus Rights can not exist. Rights either come from God, or Rights simply don’t exist and if Rights do not exist then tyranny becomes inevitable.

If Rights do exist, and they do come from God, they why don’t people in other countries have these Rights? They do have these Rights. God gives everybody the same Rights, it’s not that they were not given Rights, it’s governments have denied them their Rights. Rights can not exist for one person, and not exist for another person. God does not look at people and say your born in America, you have these Rights. We are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable Rights that often is denied to people by other people.

Rights are easily identifiable. It’s occured to me that there is a mass confusion about what Rights are when Rights are easily identifiable. My Rights, since they come from God, has to be the same as your Rights. I have speech, as do you, but if you rented out a building to have a meeting with close associates, do I have the Right to go into your meeting and start pushing my views off on you? Obviously you would say no, so then why would you say that I’m infringing on your free speech if you did the same, and I closed you out?

We have an assumption that “My Rights are better than your Rights” that is spreading around in America. We have taken Rights out of context to mean that “I have a Right to do as I wish to you”. That some people’s Rights are more important that other people’s Rights and since Rights come from God, this simply can not be true. When people’s Rights overstep the boundries of other people’s Rights, they are not identifying Rights, but granting theirselves priviledges.

In a conversation I had with one individual concerning illegal immigration, I had told her that I actually agree with her on many points, but our conversation quickly turned into a disagreement when she said “They do not have the same Rights as Americans.” Yes they do. Rights come from God and because they come from God, they must belong to every living human being. We can not have Rights simply because we live in the United States, we have Rights because they come from God.

The conversation continued to deteriorate into disagreement. She then said “They do not have a Right to come here and get free health care and free welfare.”, but then again, do you have a Right to free health care and free food? Many people will say yes, they will say that it’s their Right to have government provide to them. Do they also recognize that government must first pay for that food, and must first take it away from somebody else? Do I have a Right to take from you to put food on my table? I do not, just as you do not have the Right to take from me to put food on your table. Rights must be equal and in order for you to have the Right to make me pay for your food and your health care, I must also have the Right to make you pay for my food and my health care. We enjoy the privilege in the United States because I government grants that privilege, but it can not be a Right.

Upon having to acknowledge that point, she then said, but “They don’t have the Right to just go where ever they want”, but again, I had to disagree. Do you have the Right to move to Alabama? Do you have the Right to move to California? Yes, you do, but just as you do not have the Right to alter their lifestyles, nor do they have the Right to come here and change our lifestyles. They have the Right to speak any language they chose, they do not have the Right to come here and force people to speak a language different from what the people choose. So while they can speak any language they want inside their homes, outside their homes english is a language they must adhere to. Think of it like this, if they have the Right to alter our language and force us to speak Spanish, would we then have the Right to go to Mexico and force them to speak English?

When you first acknowledge that Rights come from God, everything else begins to fall into place. The world becomes much clearer, and the respect that you give each other helps the world become a better place.


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