RLC Final Day Wrap Up

June 19, 2011

Yesterdays wrap up of the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans was a day of endless speeches. Some inspiring and some that were a chore to sit through. They all spoke of limited government, excess spending, over regulation which is all true but what exactly are the republican candidates planning to do and what in reality can they do. Where are the specifics? I as a voter want to know. The most inspiring speech of the day was from Mike McCallister, senate candidate from Florida. He spoke with a passion that resonated with the crowd like no other speaker did with the possible exception of Gov. Rick Perry. Mr. McCallister laid out point by point the problems that liberalism has bestowed on this country and to its citizens and he followed with specifics on rectifying them. The least inspiring speech was from Rep. Rodney Alexander. All I can say about it, a standard cookie cutter speech. Star Parker reminded those of us that were left in the room of the destructiveness of the welfare state that is the foundation of liberal dominance. Dependency is a system designed to deliver reliable votes. Dependency is bondage.
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The biggest disappointment of the conference was the straw poll which was announced about half way through the day. The poll put Ron Paul as the winner and Jon Huntsman in second. This should be of big concern to everyone fighting to save this country from itself. Ron Paul I can somewhat understand the attraction but for the life of me a cannot understand how any self respecting conservative republican can endorse much less support and vote for Jon Huntsman. Here is a man that Obama thought enough of his leftist leanings that he tapped him to be his ambassador to of all places China. He represents what is wrong with the establishment republicans which is they will accept every tenet of liberalism, put up a show of dissent for public consumption but will sell their soul and the American citizen out as long as they retain some power and get enough crumbs to satisfy their base. This kind of thinking inside the Republican Party will be this country’s downfall unless we conservative put a stop to it.

This is the greatest nation on the face of the earth and liberalism is killing it from within. Four more years of Obama and the ever expanding state will seal our fate and our demise. After eighty or so years of minority liberal domination in government, we conservative republicans must put the establishment republicans out to pasture, revitalize the Republican Party with conservative values and principles and give the voters a clear chose as to the direction this nation most pursuit to re-establish itself as the leader of the free world. Our present government that occupies Washington has no real respect among the nations of the world because our leader do not respect our own Constitution, its limits or its rule of law nor does it believe in its purpose or its reason for existing that being to secure our (the peoples) liberty.

Those within the Democrat Party are and have proven that they are incapable of solving any of the problems they have created without destroying itself. Our only hope is with the Republican Party which by what I see of those representing the Republican Party on our behalf in Washington concerns me greatly. We need leaders that do not apologize for their conservatism but proudly proclaim it. There are some that do and I applaud them but they need more. Liberalism must be rooted out of our institutions because it is in stark contrast of the meaning of America. Liberalism is bondage by deceit.

The clock is rapidly running out on America’s greatness. Conservatives and/or Republicans better get serious. This is not a game we are playing. The stakes are high. The lives and futures of our children are in the balance and they are not negotiable.


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