Roemer 2012

March 11, 2011

When you tell people here in Louisiana that Buddy Roemer has established a Presidential Exploratory Committee, many will respond with “Buddy Who?” While that does not bode well for the former governor, all hope is not lost. Two years ago many would have predicted a crowded field of candidates with one or two solid frontrunners blazing ahead by this point in the “campaign.” But that has proven to not be the case; only Newt Gingrich and a couple of small lesser known candidates such as Roemer have entered the race.

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Some may think that is no big deal, after all it ONLY early March; the election is nearly two years away! Well consider the fact that Obama announced in mid-February 2007, Hillary Clinton came out publicly on January 20 2007 exactly two years prior to the next inauguration, and John McCain made his announcement on Letterman in February 2007 as well, Fred Thompson was the only “major” candidate to announce late and that didn’t go to well for him as you may recall.

Additionally the Republicans don’t have a clear front runner; you’d have to go back to the Democratic Primaries in the 1980’s to find the last time that was the case of a major political party. A major reason for that is that polls show that the GOP base is not too happy with those who are suspected as being possible candidates this go round.

So the combination of these facts could be just what it takes for a dark horse to emerge. Buddy has the opportunity to be one of only three candidates in the race for a period of time allowing him the opportunity to get plenty of media attention.

All in all, if he were to ever want to take a shot at glory he couldn’t have asked for a better set of circumstances to be running i. At the end of the day, he’s still a major underdog but either way he’ll make it interesting!


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