Ron Paul Support Is Slipping In His Own Family

June 7, 2012

Louisiana’s debacle at the hands of  Ron Paul’s supporters, in which two State Central Committee members tricked Ron Paul delegates into having a faux convention, while the LAGOP kept the feet of the delegates on the floor ensuring they maintained quorum, may have been the last straw for Ron Paul’s son, Rand.

The two Republican State Central Committee members in question are Henry Herford and Connie Bernard. Neither one of them earned a spot to the Louisiana State convention as a delegate or an alternate, but both managed to lead the Ron Paul delegates who did win a seat to the State Convention in a faux convention. Herford, with no credentials as a delegate, removed his “teller” credentials, and began to lead as if he were a delegate. Herford was asked to leave several times since he was not credentialed as a delegate. When he was approached by police, he still refused to leave, and the police began to force him out. Herford then fell to the floor, and while on the floor began to suggest that he was filing a lawsuit against the Shreveport Police, the State Police, and the Louisiana Republican party.
Herford was then apparently transported to the emergency room. He returned to the convention center 20 minutes later, and was spotted describing his ordeal. Immediately after Herford’s fall, another Republican SCC member began to lead the Ron Paul faux convention. Connie Bernard, who also failed to qualify as a delegate or an alternate, and volunteered her service as a “Teller”. However, Connie Bernard did run as a delegate as a Rick Santorum supporter. There are many people who acted as “Double Agents”, feeding information to both sides, playing to both sides for their own benefit. The LAGOP was prepared for this, and many of the rules came into place directly as a result of these double agents.

Some continue to play to both sides, but since the Louisiana State Convention, many friendships have been broken off, or are on the verge of breaking apart. Whether Henry Herford intentionally riled the Ron Paul supporters in order to make them look bad, or if Connie Bernard played to the Ron Paul supporters in order to get them to go along quietly so that the LAGOP could continue to conduct business with a full quorum is still unknown. However, many people are now shunning them. There are many others who have pretended to support one candidate to some people, while supporting another candidate.

But Ron Paul’s support lost a big name supporter today. His name is Rand Paul and he’s Ron Paul’s son. Rand Paul went onto the Sean Hannity show to endorse Mitt Romney. After this weekend’s events, and how Henry Herford and Connie Bernard led the triumph for the LAGOP, can you blame him? It was simply too much for him to stomach. Of course he won’t publicly blame the Ron Paul supporters, that’s his base that he’s going to need to get re-elected, just as the LAGOP will not call Henry Herford and Connie Bernard heroes, if they indeed were planted there by Roger Villere himself. Who knows?

Some people have suggested that Chad Roger’s was set up by a campaign manager on the dishonest fliers to discredit him as a means of getting even for damage that The Dead Pelican did on a previous campaign. However, Chad proudly took credit for the flier that contained false information. This is Louisiana politics, and stranger things have happened.

In any event, Rand Paul’s defection definitely is a slap to the face of every Ron Paul supporter.


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