Ron Paul’s Campaign To End Liberty

May 14, 2012

You’ve heard of the so-called 99%, you know the hygiene-challenged guttersnipes who hate capitalism so much that they can’t see the thing they espouse is the same thing they rail against, and blame capitalism for. Sort of like hating George Bush for increasing the national debt in 8 years, while loving the guy who increased it the same in only three years. My challenge to the Left is this, in what ways is your support of Barack Obama not hypocritical?

It’s clear that Barack Obama has no idea what he’s doing. Even former President Bill Clinton has reportedly asked Hillary Clinton to step down as Secretary of State because Obama was an “amateur”. It’s hard to imagine that this President can get re-elected, even if every Democrat votes twice for him.

But the way Barack Obama has been ceasing and consolidating power should be raising the eyebrows of even the most ardent liberals. Taking stocks, and firing a CEO of a private company, more czars Stalin, a health care system that is as intrusive as Nazicare was on Germans, and an economy that looks more like a Cuba in every pot, rather than Chicken. Barack Obama is clearly the worst president we’ve had since at least 1980, so how can he get re-elected?

Enter Ron Paul and the 9%. The 9% of the Republican Party that would get behind Ron Paul.

Ron Paul never had a lead in any national polling data, even though he could pack a house and win a straw poll. Ron Paul never was a front runner, and couldn’t even place in the top 3 in primary after primary. Even as Ron Paul became the last “conservative” in the race, he still couldn’t win a primary where Republicans turn out in large numbers.

So what do normal people do? Well, you get behind the party nominee. You get behind this nominee not because you believe in his greatness, but because you believe that he’s going to be the better choice for America. In America, you have your say, you vote for the guy who you think best represents your views, and then when he loses, you get behind the next best guy. My guy was Herman Cain, and now I get behind Mitt Romney. In many ways, I think it’s great that many Republicans hesitantly get behind Romney, hopefully we won’t let him off the hook so easily like we did George Bush.

More importantly is that Mitt Romney will try to work with congress, whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican ran congress. Barack Obama simply tries to circumvent the Republican congress, and sends orders to the Democrats in congress. That alone should send chills up the spine of any American.

But not Ron Paul, the self appointed savior of democracy. Ron Paul sees no difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama… yes, the same Ron Paul who suggested that Dennis Kucinich would be his running mate, and the same Ron Paul who gave his support to Cynthia McKinney.

Judging by the stance of many of the Paulistinians, one has to wonder if Ron Paul is trying to help re-elect the most anti-semitic President since Jimmy Carter.

Despite being mathematically impossible for Ron Paul to win enough delegates to walk away with the nomination, Paul stayed in the race, trying to muster enough delegates to send to the national convention, and for what purpose? To cause the Republican party problems in front of the nation? And what good would that do for the cause of Liberty?

One has to wonder if Ron Paul’s goal isn’t to cause such a scene in the name of “Liberty”, that he ends up scaring people away. The nation has reached a crossroads, and we have a choice between continuing the path of a Constitutional Democracy, or choosing tyranny. It seems the past four years have been filled with protests and riots. If the Republicans have a national convention that’s in disarray on National Television, while the Democrats have a smooth convention, who do you think the average American will blame for the problems the nation has? And who do you think they will trust to run the country, the Democrats? Or the Republicans who can’t even manage to run their own convention?

And if Ron Paul succeeds in causing problems at the Republican National Convention with his 9 percenters, he’s going to cause the 91% of the Republican Party to never want anything to do with Ron Paul or his message. That’s really sad because Ron Paul, for the most part, has the Right message, he’s just the wrong messenger. Unfortunately, Ron Paul has become such a narcissist, that he thinks only he knows the constitution. In fairness to Ron Paul, he might have been alive when it was written. Still, there’s many people who have studied the Constitution, and Ron Paul does not have exclusive Rights over the meaning.

Perhaps Ron Paul would have done his cause well if, in stepping down from the race, he would have encouraged his supporters to study the constitution, rather than giving people a bad impression of Liberty by encouraging disorder at the Republican National Convention. Then again, Ron Paul has been a congressman through five decades, and what government agency has he managed to end?


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