Saints Unofficially, Officially Makes The Playoffs

November 30, 2009

One thing we all can agree on in Louisiana is that the Saints are marching in, even Atheist are putting their hands together and singing the praises of the Saints. I’m going to break away from politics for just this one occassion. Tonight’s victory wasn’t just impressive, it garunteed the New Orleans Saints a play off spot, even though there won’t be any indication of their playoff garuntee until after next Sunday.

Here is why. The Saints worst possible record will be 11-5, the best possible records of the teams that follow is Minnesota Vikings 15-1, Dallas Cowboys 13-3, Arizona Cardinal 12-4. That’s the top four seeds but all the Saints need to be is in the top six. The Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers are both 7-4 and if they win every remaining game will be 12-4. If the Saints lost every remaining game only two teams could possibly knock the New Orleans Saints out of the playoffs. That would be the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons who both remain 6-5 with a best possible record of 11-5.

Being that the best the Giants can do is tie the Saints record, the Saints win the head to head by virtue of the drubbing they gave the Giants earlier in the season. Saints still have a game against the Falcons, but should have their division wrapped up this weekend when they play the Washington Redskins. Here’s why the Saints are garunteed a playoff spot. Atlanta still has to play the Eagles, one single Atlanta loss or tie garuntees the Saints the division title… on the other hand, if the Eagles lose one single game the Saints would then be garunteed a wild card spot. This is due because the Saints beat the Eagles earlier this year, and a tie record would send the Saints to the Playoffs. Either way, the Saints are officially (unofficially) a 2009 playoff team… even if it doesn’t show up in the stats… yet.

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