Scooter Pardoned

July 2, 2007

I have no doubt that Scooter Libby lied under oath and lied to the F.B.I. Plenty of people are upset about it, as some were upset by Clinton’s pardons.
Let me ask a simple question: what kind of people get presidential pardons?
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Well, criminals, that’s who! Specifically, criminals who are political hacks.
I mean, if they weren’t convicted of a crime in a court of law, they wouldn’t need a pardon.

Therefore, it stuns me whenever a president gives a pardon and people on “the other side” of the isle get upset and cry about “miscarriages of justice” blah blah blah. It stunned me when Republicans got mad at Clinton’s pardons, and I feel the same about Bush’s pardons.


It’s simple, folks. To get a presidential pardon, you often have to be a convicted criminal who is a well-connected political hack. Presidential pardons often times are about all about cronyism, and they always have been. And the people who get presidential pardons are often those who are least deserving- Scooter Libby is no exception.

Meanwhile, two border agents are still rotting in jail serving an 11 year sentence for shooting an illegal alien drug smuggler. Has Dubya seen fit to pardon them? Well, no way, buddy. Only his country club Republican hacks need apply for pardons. Bush’s indifference to the two jailed border agents, and his hasty rescue of Scooter Libby, are emblematic of the cronyism, corruption, and elitism that have plagued the Bush administration.
And this is really bad news for Republicans in ’08. Former Senator Fred Thompson is the Republican most likely to win the presidential nomination for his party; he was also actively involved in Scooter Libby’s legal defense. Oh, much of the G.O.P. base will love him for it- most of the general election voters probably won’t.

Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate the Democrats in advance for their winning back the White House in ’08.


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Laughing my behind off.


Sorry, Obama Girl. You having a crush on him (as you say in your video) is funny, but it ain't enough to make me vote for him.


To me it is real simple because one rich person is not going to put another rich Person in jail no matter what party they belong to.The big thing is to misdirect the public from the fact no one is doing their job and trying to make this a better country to live in.Can anyone tell me how spending so much time on Libby instead of trying to fix our problems helps America.We need to start voting the same old political families out of office and make all of them go back to work. Vote Barrack Obama for a better future because what we have now, is not working for us.

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