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June 6, 2012

Too often, people get into politics and think it’s much like it is on television and the movies, when in reality it’s actually more like “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”  Since the Louisiana GOP State Convention, I’ve been getting a lot of comments from people. In essence, it comes down to two basic premises. The first is that I’m being “over the top, mean, and just nasty toward good people,” and the other is, “Thank you for saying what I want to say.”

I want to address the so called “nastiness” that is coming from me.  You see, this goes all the way back to before Barack Obama’s presidency. During the GOP primary in 2008, I was a Ron Paul supporter. I did not like any of our alternatives but in the end, I really held my nose and voted for John McCain. Still, despite my support for Ron Paul, I was chastised as a “neocon” because I supported the war.

That’s just a few Ron Paul supporters, I told myself. At first I admired their passion, making their own signs, really getting out to support Ron Paul. Over time, I would fall out with the leadership. After the election I continued to reach out to many Ron Paul supporters believing that we could work together on many issues. After all, we had much in common.  I’m even willing to work with Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and just about anybody else on issues that share a common ground. What I found too often with Ron Paul supporters was that there is no such thing as common ground – you either accept the entire package, or there’s no deal.

When you don’t accept the entire package, you’ll soon find yourself being chastised by being tagged with their favorite labels such as, “neocon,” “fascist,” “Liberal,” “Establishment Republican,” ” Zionist,”” Progressive,”” anti-American,” “Constitution hater,” etc., etc. For over four years I have endured consistently being berated by these people. Why? Because I don’t accept the entire package.

At the SRLC Convention in 2010, I watched as Herman Cain said that our nation must always support Israel as they are our friend and ally.  He was overwhelmingly jeered and booed by Ron Paul supporters. They have done this on more than one occasion. Herman Cain was lucky, though. He actually spoke in front of Ron Paul supporters as “Paulestinians” usually show up to hear one man speaking and ignore the rest. (Yes, they earned their own label.)

It would be one thing if it was just me, but time and time again, I have seen Ron Paul people criticize anybody who isn’t on board with them 100%. Not just critical, but zealously critical. Now that I’ve finally had enough they think I’m being nasty. And they think they ought not be criticized.

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A fine example of this would be Chad Rogers at The Dead Pelican. Chad has on several occasions been critical of politicians, public officials, and public policy. That’s his right and he can do that… but when you choose to criticize, be prepared to receive criticism back. In politics you’ll often find that the most vocal criticizers are usually the biggest whiners.

After Chad Roger’s sent out that despicable flyer with the intent to mislead voters at the caucus, we were very critical of it. That flyer was so awful that even many Ron Paul supporters were compelled to defend Ron Paul, that the flyer was an act of just some crazed blogger. Fair enough. Chad, on the other hand, appeared to be proud of this piece of fiction, and instead of listening, removed the most vocal critics (to their relief) from his Facebook page like a child.

(Note to self: Go to the testicle store, buy a pair and a “Man Up Soon” card for Chad Rogers’ Christmas Present).

The point is, these people are playing the victim when they have on several occasions been very rude, downright disrespectful, and obnoxious to many others and their organizations with their Alinsky- type antics. They complain that the LA GOP tightened up rules, and claim that they have always had the intent of giving the other candidates their due delegates. Prior too, and since, Ron Paul supporters have been pointing out the rules of the National Convention, and with the intention of changing those rules, specifically Rule 38. Rule 38 states that “no delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule.”. In other words, bound delegates can not be forced to obey the unit rule. If a delegate is bound, the spokesman of the state party can not cast his vote for the person, so that the state appears to speak with one voice. It is the intention of Ron Paul supporters to send as many delegates as possible to the national convention, gain a majority of selected delegates, change the rules around to suit their needs, and attempt to disenfranchise the voice of 94% of the Republican Party voters by shoving in a candidate that couldn’t even muster a double digit percentage of votes. And they accuse the GOP of shoving their candidates off onto the voters? Are they not even more guilty of the same?

What happened at the LA GOP convention in short is this. The LA GOP protected the delegates that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum had earned with their vote totals during the Louisiana primary. While Ron Paul’s supporters may insist that they were going to give Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum their earned votes, their protests against the tightening of the rules to protect their delegates speaks loud and clear. They didn’t just want to steal those votes, they were willing to take them by force.

When you consistently treat people badly, that will eventually come back to haunt you. I make no apologies to the Paulestinians for the words that I have said. I’ve been nice long enough. I’ve extended olive branches. These people have proven to me, more often than not, to be polemic and incorrigible. Yes there are many among that that are good, but if they are so good, why do they tolerate that behavior time and time again? At some point, good people walk away from bad people. If they are such good people, why would the force the Republicans to support a candidate that they overwhelmingly rejected, not just once, but in two primary seasons?

And do good people do this to people who they disagree with? Read the last part of this article attacking Republican National Committeewoman, Ruth Ulrich. Since when do people who love freedom and especially freedom of speech attempt to shut people up who they disagree with?  Ruth wasn’t the only one sharing her experiences with others: Letter to ChairmanLetter to Chairman2Letter to Chairman3.  The LA GOP received their warning and simply extended the courtesy to the next convention.



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