Senate Blockage

March 9, 2011

To all my fellow Catholics, Happy Ash Wednesday! I trust that you’ve all gone and gotten your ashes or are planning to. I’m taking off to 6 o’clock Mass for mine, then my Aunt and I are going to go see The King’s Speech this evening. I hope nobody’s house got hit by lightning in the torrential storms we’ve had over the last few days; I know that it woke me up this morning around 4. I think lightning is a truly awesome thing, a natural phenomenon. I also think that such feats of nature are a testament to our weakness on an individual basis, and the awareness of such things so much greater than ourselves is humbling.

I think that, deep down, we all had some naive gesture after the Mid-Term Election cycle that with a split Legislature in D.C., both sides would by some miracle cooperate. Surely, we all reasoned, the Republicans would be more mindful in their management this time around, and surely the Democrat’s that didn’t get the boot in November saw the writing on the wall if they didn’t learn to work with the GOP. Would Harry Reid really continue his isolationist partisan policy, and accept a gridlock and potentially a Government Shutdown? Of course not!, we said.

Silly, silly us.

Apparently, Prince Harry is perfectly content with the gridlock and a looming Government Shutdown on the horizon. To that end, he is probably alright with the Government defaulting on the deficit and quite literally killing the economy. Apparently the bifocals that don his facial features can’t see the obvious discontent that is again building among the American people. I am not a Tea Partyist by any stretch of the imagination, but I think the ‘Tea Party Tidal Wave’ demonstrated just how fervent the American people are in getting real change; and part of this real change starts with cutting the budget. Yes, with the budget cut, people will lose their jobs; it’s an unfortunate fact of life, but there is no reason to shoot down a balanced budget-cutting bill like the $61 Billion one the GOP settled on in the house. So why did Harry Reid do it? Spite. Fact is, he could shoot it down and stop something that those dreaded Republicans are doing, so he did it. His excuse is, “Now with it gone we can start some real negotiation”. Time to catch up, Harry; Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor have made several overtures across the aisle, including White House visits, trying to find middle ground. Maybe if Harry Reid could suck up his pride long enough to give the Republicans a chance we can avoid another immediate economic crisis, even with the rising gas prices.

I think that George Washington was at his best when he warned the country of developing political parties; indeed, should the Democrat’s ever tweak a few of their newer core principles and policies, I may be numbered among them. That said, I think that the way our lawmakers bicker and banter back-and-forth like small children is absurd. What ever happened to maturity and dignity, and leadership-by-example? It’s evaporating fast where it still exists, and I don’t see much left in the Democratic leadership.


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