February 24, 2007

How long does Northeast Louisiana have to suffer the embarrassment of Charles Jones? When will Senator Jones do the “right thing” and represent this area for the good of ALL the residents, not just those that share in the “take”?

Since 1980 Charles “C.D.” Jones has embarrassed his representative district and the entire state, as well. The list of broken laws, ethics violations, and Supreme Court suspensions is long and disgusting to most in this region, but most feel that if not for Louisiana’s term limit law, it would seem inevitable that we would have to suffer another term in office by one of the most corrupt Legislators in the whole state.Now Senator Jones, in his classic self-serving style is sabotaging badly needed improvements in Ouachita Parish infrastructure. Why? Personal economic reasons. Is Jones receiving an under-the-table payoff? There is no proof of that,….. yet. Is Jones bilking another government program? Possibly not. Is Jones violating yet another ethics rule? Not that can be seen,…… at this time. In fact, surprisingly, Jones does not appear to be stealing any money at all, and MIGHT actually be losing money, but there is certainly no proof of that. For no other VISIBLE reason than a POSSIBLE devaluation in his property, Charles Jones is putting his needs above the needs of the entire region. This is very typical for the “good” Senator. If from criminal neglect by the Louisiana Legislature or the Governor’s Office, self-serving regional “in-fighting”, or corrupt politicians, Northeast Louisiana has suffered worse than any other part of this state when it comes to infrastructure improvements. The highways and bridges alone prove this point, as do our school conditions and employment opportunities, which are all tied together for future economic growth. Now the Kansas Lane Extension Program, which will play a big role in improving the traffic flow around Monroe and increasing the safety on other routes, is being sabotaged. Not by self-serving political leaders from south Louisiana like Sammy Nunez or John Alario, whose leadership roles in the Legislature have failed NELA for decades. Not by a failed Governor that has stood-by, ineffectively, while thousands of jobs have left NELA. No, not by any of the “usual culprits”, but by the very politician who was elected to capture badly needed funds to help balance the enormous inequites of State appropriations against this region, Senator Charles “C.D.” Jones. Mayor Jamie Mayo deserves much praise for his hard work in promoting the project and moving it forward, despite the obstacles put in the way by Jones. The Ouachita Police Jury, particularly, Councilmen Katz and Marx, with great foresight has seen the urgent need for this project and has moved positively to keep the momentum going, despite the roadblocks of Charles Jones. Sue Edmonds of the Monroe/West Monroe Chamber of Commerce, with strong compassion for the effected residents of Cypress Point, has made it clear how important the project is to the area and has expressed the full support of the Chamber. Mr. Jeff Wallace, Volunteer Chair Elect of the Monroe Chamber, has given his full support for the project, reemphasizing the tremendous need for the Monroe region. Senator David Vitter and U.S. Representative Rodney Alexander have been very successful bringing in Federal support for the project and have well described the badly needed project. So with all this support, from local government and business to Washington, DC, what is the hold-up? Senator Charles “C.D.” Jones.


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