Senator Landrieu Messes Up Yet Again!!

June 19, 2014



Leon Puissegur


Senator Mary Landrieu wants people to like her and have them vote for her, but Landrieu is actually not doing right at all!  She lays claim to be on board with her being the head of the energy committee yet she sends money to Harry Reid, in the amount of $10,000, (see – ),  so he can keep denying votes on the Keystone Pipeline and now Canada has found it much better to send the oil to China since Obama, Harry Reid and others of whom Senator Mary Landrieu has sent campaign money to are very happy to allow the oil to go to our enemy, China!!


Let us take a look at the man who is now obtaining the permits for the pipeline to send oil that was supposed to go to Keystone to China, he is none other than Tom Steyer a man who has bundled millions to Obama and other Democrats to ensure that he gets His pipeline to the coats of Canada so he can sell the oil that was supposed to go to Keystone to China!


In a trade publication, The Energy Guardian, it is stated very clear;


“The Energy Guardian, a trade publication on energy policy, said Harry Reid “laughed at the suggestion that he bring the bill to a vote…” They further said, “Reid, D-Nev., has made it clear that the buck stops with him in the Senate, and that passage of a Keystone XL pipeline approval bill in her committee will likely be a symbolic victory…”


Even Canada knows that Senator Landrieu is absolutely powerless to do anything on Keystone. Yesterday, their government approved a pipeline to their Pacific Coast so they can ship their oil to CHINA. We could have a safe supply of oil from our closest neighbor and friend, but Harry Reid would rather see that oil creating Chinese jobs and prosperity and Mary Landrieu can’t do anything to stop him.”


Now Senator Mary Landrieu wishes that very few people read this anywhere since this shows that she is NOT what she lays claim to be, a worker for the people.  You see if you go to Senator Landrioeu’s Political Action Committee, known as the JAZZ PAC,

( ,) you will see a number of names that Senator Mary Landrieu has sent money to and ALL of them are Democrats with most of them voting Against any sort of pipeline or oil!  People like Senator Max Baucus, Senator Mark Begich, Senator Al Franken, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and Senator Jack Reed, all of whom vote AGAINST any sort of pipeline or oil for that matter!


Now just in case one would wonder just who this Tom Steyer is just read the brief article below and realize that not only is this guy helping tom promote his agenda, but he is also promoting Obama’s agenda and it flies in the face of all that Senator Mary Landrieu says!

Tom Steyer



Do You Know the Billionaire Who Donates Millions to Democrats & Would Profit by Blocking Keystone?

By Mike Miller



It’s no secret that Harry Reid and the Democrats love to rail against “unlimited” campaign contributions by “billionaires.” (See: Koch brothers)

What is a secret – or so they think – is this:

Democrats have no problem accepting millions from billionaire ex-hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer, who just last month pledged $50 million to support candidates opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline, but has made millions ( off the very industries he claims are destroying the environment. (Steyer also pledged $50 million in February in support of global warming initiatives.)

Incidentally, Steyer has investments in both a competing pipeline ( venture and “green energy” companies as well.

Hey, politics is politics. But the blatant hypocrisy – by the Democrats and Steyer – is off the charts.

Charlie Crist Tries To Explain Why He Became a Democrat and The Results are Hilarious (


Now given this brief article one begins to see what is going on here and it has nothing to do with the Environment but much more to do about Campaign money, Tom Steyer, Obama and the stoppage of the Keystone Pipeline so Tom Steyer can make Billions from the oil that should have gone through the Keystone Pipeline!  Senator Mary Landrieu knows this and does nothing to force Obama to allow the Keystone Pipeline and she just puts on a song and dancer knowing full well that Senator Harry Reid who she has sent campaign money to;

(See – )

This shows not only did Senator Mary Landrieu send money to help Saenator Harry Reid, in the amount of $10,000 so he could get re-elected, but she also sent money to Senator Diane Feinstein, and a list of other Senators that vote against any pipeline or oil drilling!  Now if this is not enough to convince anyone that Senator Mary Landrieu is a “LIAR”, then just go back to her support of Obamacare and see her state the same thing Obama said, “You will not lose your doctor, you will not lose your hospital.”  Yet we all know now that what was stated then was a huge LIE and they all knew that!


We hope that you read this, check out the sites shown here and see for yourself that what Senator Mary Landrieu says and what she does are two entirely different things and neither of them are for the people of Louisiana!


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