Senator Landrieu Votes FOR Gun Control!!!

March 25, 2013



Leon Puissegur


Do “We The People” of Louisiana even matter to Senator Mary Landrieu?  On one hand she states she is “more of a centralist” than a true Democrat, but then she votes Against Senator Lee’s Amendment that would have caused a vote on any sort of “Gun Control” to have at least 67 Votes!!  Maybe Senator Landrieu is looking for more money, or maybe she has received another 300 million for her Vote against this Lee Amendment, which would have forced 67 votes to pass any sort of “Gun Control”?   We don’t know and we as Citizens of Louisiana have to question why she did this since she has stated she supports the Second Amendment and yet she takes the side of those now wishing to gut part of the Second Amendment!


Let us see what Gun Owners of America had to say about Senator Mary Landrieu.

“There were six “Red State” Democrats who voted Against the Lee amendment — Senators Mark Begich (AK), Tim Johnson (SD), Tim Kaine (VA), Mary Landrieu (LA), Harry Reid (NV) and Mark Warner (VA). Gun owners in these states should be sure to voice their displeasure with these Senators.” (Feinstein Angry as Majority of the Senate Votes to Ban Gun Control – Gun Owners of America


Now just how could Senator Mary Landrieu vote AGAINST a bill when she has stated that she is not against the Second Amendment?  Do her actions here seem to indicate that maybe she does not care about the Citizens of Louisiana?  Maybe it is time for her to come back to Louisiana and see just what the people outside of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport have to say?  She is after all supposed to represent the entire state of Louisiana and not just those areas that vote for almost any one who is a Democrat!


To add further insult to injury, Senator Mary Landrieu has voted against the Second Amendment by voting Against the Lee Amendment.  Let us take another look at what the “Gun Owners of America state about Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu!


“Anti-gun Mary Landrieu and Harry Reid voted wrong on both amendments — and even refused to join the eight Democrats who oppose the UN Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty could be self-executing and could, without further legislation, force the U.S. to implement gun registration and bans on semi-autos and handguns.” (

Now just how can Senator Mary Landrieu come up with any comment after being blasted like this by a group of nationally known people?  Well, we as Louisianans know full well that Senator Mary Landrieu has NOT voted the way the public asked her to, the Health Care bill is a glaring example of the way Senator Mary Landrieu has ignored and voted AGAINST what the people of Louisiana wish, Senator Mary Landrieu Voted FOR the Obamacare Law while over 70% of the People in Louisiana were AGAINST that!    Now just how many times will Senator Mary Landrieu vote for the Democrats and NOT for the People of Louisiana?  Her record shows very clearly that when it comes to voting for what the People of Louisiana wish, Senator Mary Landrieu only considers what just a few cities wish and NOT the entire state!

But Senator Mary Landrieu also wishes to “Allow” the United Nations to tell you what you can and cannot do with the guns you already own! This part of the e-mail from Gun Owners of America seems to show the main reason that Senator Mary Landrieu needs to be removed from office in the next election, if not sooner! Here it has to be shown that Senator Mary Landrieu is willing to “Allow” a treaty with the United Nations which would in reality destroy the very Constitution she took an Oath to, “Preserve, defend, and protect.”!!

Sen. Reid Beefs up “Base Bill” to Destroy Gun Ownership

Monday, 25 March 2013 18:23 Written by Gun Owners of America

We now know a lot more about what’s going to happen with gun control legislation than we did a few days ago.

First, the number of the bill we are fighting is S. 649. Harry Reid introduced it on Thursday and brought it directly onto the Senate calendar. This means the bill can now come up at any time — probably soon after the Easter recess is over.

Second, the bill is a lot worse than even we anticipated.

We expected it to contain the Veterans Gun Ban, which would mean that you would sell, gift, or raffle a gun in America at the risk of a 15-year prison sentence because of something you didn’t know about the veteran/buyer.


But, surprisingly to us, the Far Left has convinced Reid to include the original Schumer version of the Universal Registry Bill. This would ban private sales of firearms, unless purchasers first get the permission from the government. If Senators can pass this de facto registration bill, they will be well on the way to confiscation (see, for example, Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York, who has a gun owner registry and has called for gun confiscation). If this bill is passed, Senators will claim that they “broke the back” of gun owners in America.  (See complete article at –

“The other provision — an anti-UN treaty amendment offered by Sen. Inhofe — passed by a 53-46 margin. 53 senators, including eight Democrats, voted for the Inhofe amendment to kill the UN Arms Trade Treaty — a treaty that would impose gun registration and possibly even ban handguns and semi-autos, while creating a microstamping requirement that would be technologically impossible to comply with. You can see how your Senators voted on the Inhofe amendment here.” (


Now come election time in 2014, will you vote for Senator Mary Landrieu yet again or will you vote for an individual that will HONOR the Constitution and your rights to own a gun legally?




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