Senator Landrieu Does it Yet Again!!!

May 12, 2014



Leon Puissegur


What does Senator Landrieu do just one more time?  Is it that she votes for the people of Louisiana or is it that she votes for her master, Obama?  Does Senator Mary Landrieu even care about the people of Louisiana?  Should the people of Louisiana ever allow her to get elected to anything after this?  So many questions yet if one were to believe Senator Mary Landrieu, she is the fighter for our oil, natural gas and coal industries.  Nothing, let us repeat that, NOTHING could be farther from the truth!  Senator Mary Landrieu has once again voted according to what Barack Obama and his colonies wish her to vote for, and it has nothing to do with helping the poor people of Louisiana!  One would by now be asking just what are we leading to, well, that would be her recent vote on cloture dealing with an “energy” bill that will have long time implications to us all!  It will cause ever increasing electric bills to the point where even though it is much less efficient, we will be “Forced’ to use wind, solar, or anything other than fossil fuels!


The bill shown below is but one of the nails to our economy and it is part of Obama’s plan to secure all fossil fuels from being used.


Energy-Efficient Building Codes –Cloture – Vote Agreed to (79-20, 1 Not Voting) The Senate invoked cloture on the motion to proceed to a bill that would promote updates to state building codes to encourage energy savings and provide incentives for energy-efficient manufacturing. Sen. Mary Landrieu voted YES Sen. David Vitter voted NO


Yes, this is about the so-called “Energy efficient Building Codes”, but this also “forces” codes down the throats of builders that will have to tack on the extra cost to consumers.  Now let us go to the EPA laws and just give one a showing of what Senator Mary Landrieu more than likely will vote for because this is dear to Obama’s heart in stopping all the use of fossil fuels through the abuse, yes, the ABUSE of EPA regulations!  We should point out that this needs to be shown to all whom are upset over what Obama called, “Necessarily Skyrocketing electric bills.” Here we are going to show that in just this part of the bill it is spelled out pretty clearly that;


“    (B) establish any standard of performance for emissions of any greenhouse gas from any modified or reconstructed source that is a fossil fuel-fired electric utility generating unit or apply to the emissions of any greenhouse gas from an existing source that is a fossil fuel-fired electric utility generating unit.”


(See –  GPO’s PDF)

So just what does this mean?  What this comes down to is that Senator Mary Landrieu whom sits as the Energy Committee Chairwoman, is allowing the EPA to insert such strong regulations into place as to shut down power plants that run on any sort of fossil fuels which will drive up the cost of electricity to ALL customers regardless of them being affiliated with any party!   We have to remember that Senator Mary Landrieu went to Washington, D.C. to work for the “PEOPLE of Louisiana”, not the Washington, D.C. elite!  But Senator Mary Landrieu does not seem to mind that the closing of coal fired plants will add to the cost of electricity all over not just where they use it.  What we also have to mention is that Senator Mary Landrieu was called out by Judge Jeanine for asking just how did the “People” find out that our electric grid is close to failure!


We have been very hard on Senator Mary Landrieu, but very few others do this and that is wrong by itself!  If the “People of Louisiana” elected Senator Mary Landrieu to represent them, then under that very idea, Senator Mary Landrieu has NOT, once again we Have to repeat this, Senator Mary Landrieu has NOT represented the “People of Louisiana” in the best light and we also have to inform the “People of Louisiana” that the Political Action Committee that is now running ads for Senator Mary Landrieu under the name, is not even a normal web site and if you go there you will find that it is under construction so one has to question this too!  Just who is placing these negative ads for Senator Mary Landrieu and why?  Could this also be a reason why she votes with Obama nearly all the time?  Is this alleged web site a real one or one that replaced the PAC;, of which had former Mayor from New York as one of the largest contributors?  When we went to to look up these PAC’s, we could not find a site that is now operating with those names, yet both groups ran ads in favor of Senator Mary Landrieu, so now just who did this and where did the money come from to run these ads from groups that have either vanished or cannot be found?


Once again, Senator Mary Landrieu is at it again, making statements about helping the “People of Louisiana”, all the while getting money and support from groups that cannot be found!  These are questions that Have to be answered for all accountability to be true!  By the way, one has to wonder just what has she given to Bossoa, (we may have misspelled the name),  boats for them to give their support to her, it could notm have been what she allegedly does for the Oil industry because we know for a fact that she supports at least 4 people whom oppose any of her votes for oil, natural gas, or coal!  Please check out the Political Action Committee’s that have run ads for Senator Mary Landrieu and at the time of this writing, neither site could be found, they don’t exist, or they are under construction, now that by itself is troubling since they ran ads for Senator Mary Landrieu but they do not wish to show their records or where they get the money to run the ads!  Is this the way Senator Mary Landrieu wishes to run Washington, D.C., by a “Shadow” government?  Yes, more questions and few if any answers!




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