Senator Mary Landrieu??

September 27, 2013


Leon Puissegur

Senator Mary Landrieu, or as some may call her, Senator Mary 300 million dollar Landrieu for the 300 million dollars she got for her vote on Obamacare. Many in Louisiana, over 70 percent, had not liked the law because it was so very massive and done behind closed doors in near secrecy and even the Speaker of the House at that time had stated that they had to pass the bill to find out what was in it! But should our representatives from our states go along party lines especially when over 70 percent say NO? To Senator Mary Landrieu, this NO by the people of Louisiana did not matter, she was asked if 300 million dollars would secure her vote and she said, “Yes”! It did not matter what the 70 percent or more of the people of Louisiana said or wanted, it mattered more that she voted with the Democratic line and support those who gave her the most money!!

Now up comes a vote to de-fund Obamacare and we can rest assured that even though well over 70 percent of the people of Louisiana say no to Obamacare, Senator Mary Landrieu will vote on political lines. She has done this all along and yet the people of Louisiana for some reason just have not seen what she has done. Senator Mary Landrieu has turned her back on the people of Louisiana on more than one occasion, she voted Against making English the national language, she voted for Obamacare only after making sure she got something in return for doing that! We can state without fear that Senator Mary Landrieu will vote to fund Obamacare no matter how many people in Louisiana have the hours of their jobs cut back, no matter how much it will cost the younger workers to have insurance, no matter what, Senator Mary Landrieu will vote against what the people of Louisiana wish! She has constantly done so and without hesitation at all. Senator Mary Landrieu just does not seem to care about the people of Louisiana.

Senator Mary Landrieu will come to cities like New Orleans, Shreveport, Monroe, Baton Rouge, and many other towns where the poor population is high and tell them what they wish to hear. What Senator Landrieu along with many politicians of the Democratic Party very seldom if ever state is that they only come to see them to secure their vote and to keep them poor? Senator Mary Landrieu always seems to come forth and say that she is making an attempt to bring the very people she brings to the voting booths out of poverty, yet like nearly all Democrats, if she were true in her statements, they would not have to use food stamps, they would have well paying jobs to support their families, but that is not what they actually seek. To those who read this just ask yourself, why is it that the very people that Senator Mary Landrieu yells she is helping never seem to be able to get a job, or get off government subsidies?

This “Affordable Care Act” is not what it was designed for. We as a people have in nearly every corner of Louisiana have yet to see this entire act due to the fact that as each phase is set out, the regulations have to be designed for it. This bill with all the regulations if stacked up onto itself would be a towering 8 feet above the ground and this is before4 any more regulations are thrown into it. Senator Landrieu never read this bill yet she gladly signed on to it. She has made more votes against the people of Louisiana than could be shown here in just a brief article.

But today, Semptember 27, 2013, once again, Senator Mary Landrieu has ignored the outcries of the people of Louisiana and voted AGAINST de-funding the Affordable Care Actm (Obamacare), but we would not expect Senator Mary Landrieu to any thing other than bow down to what the Socialist Democrats “Tell” her to do! How many more times will Senator Mary Landrieu vote Against the people of Louisiana? The people of Louisiana deserve a much better Senator than one who ignores what the “Majority” states!

In 2014 we as the people of Louisiana have the choice to get rid of this demon lady and replace her with someone that will listen to those who voted them into office. Senator Mary Landrieu seldom if ever has town hall meetings and when she does, they are in areas where she is well liked and most of those can be found to have high crime statistics, very low education levels, and most of all very high government assistance. Those are the areas Senator Mary Landrieu loves to visit since they agree with her as she controls nearly all that they do. In the areas that Senator Mary Landrieu has little control, she will avoid because she does not wish to have reporters showing the rest of Louisiana that Senator Mary Landriue is only well liked in areas where the voters are picked up by bus to vote and most do not have good education and most are on some sort of government assistance. Now if we are wrong on any of this, we have to apologize here but this is just our “opinion” based upon some facts and a lot of visual indications.

In 2014, “WE THE PEOPLE” of Louisiana can and should send Senator Mary Landrieu into retirement, where she will still earn over $100,000 a year and have the best medical insurance around, and this is not what she will make with one of the Lobbying Firms in Washington, D.C. of which she has already been granted a job to should she lose her seat in the Senate! Think about that for a time especially when you or one of your friends or family have to work less hours and pay more for health care due to Senator Landrieu first taking 300 million dollars to vote for Obamacare than when she votes against de-funding the very act she helped pass! Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu looks out for the people, of Louisiana, just ask the 70 percent of whom never supported the “Affordable Care Act”, but now may be forced to accept what they did not want to begin with and Senator Mary Landrieu is the one Senator of Louisiana that supports this and at the same time denies that English should be our national language! If this is not enough to remove her from office, than the people of Louisiana had better think twice before saying a word about what does go on in Washington, D.C.!


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