Senator Mary Landrieu Does It AGAIN!!

March 6, 2014



Leon Puissegur

We know people will be curious as to what we mean here that Senator Mary Landrieu, does it Again?  Well, we have showed just how Senator Mary Landrieu can state that she votes For oil while she supports other Senators whom vote against oil.  We have shown that Senator Mary Landrieu has stated she is for the Second Amendment, (See – )  while sending campaign money to Senators whom oppose the Second Amendment and are strong advocates for tougher “gun control” laws that would make it hard to just own a gun of any sort, (See – ).  We have shown that Senator Mary Landrieu has made many statements about many different things while she comes out and sends her “JAZZ PAC” money to those whom oppose what she votes for which cancels her vote out while making it look like Senator Mary Landrieu is doing good but cannot gather support to pass what she wants!  It is a well-oiled machine that she has used to help those whom oppose what Senator Mary Landrieu alleges she supports! (See – )  To make it very simple, Senator Mary Landrieu says one thing and does the complete opposite!


Now as recently as yesterday, Senator Mary Landrieu followed the lead of Obama by voting FOR the appointment of the Cop Killer Attorney, Debo Adegbile!  In a related article by Robert Romano, Mr. Romano shows the way that this Cop Killer Attorney worked to help glorify this man whom killed Officer Daniel Faulkner shooting him several times then standing over him and shooting him once more in the face!

“Obama’s nominee for the Justice Department post is best known for acting as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s litigation director as it defended one of the most notorious cop-killers in our nation’s history, former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, to keep him off of death row for the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981.”



This is the man that Senator Mary Landrieu voted to be the next Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division!  How could anyone in his or her right mind, vote for such a man?  But of course what could we expect from Senator Mary Landrieu especially after finding out about her little “JAZZ PAC” which sends campaign money to the very people that vote against what Senator Mary Landrieu says she is for!  This is a Hypocrisy full blown by Senator Mary Landrieu knowing full, well that she can vote for all the oil bills she wants and they will not be passed because she helped elect those whom oppose what she votes for!

We have to only be reminded of the list of names of other Senators that Senator Mary Landrieu has supported through Campaign contributions.  This is nothing new by the way, all the Senators do this, but with Senator Landrieu, it reads like a Who’s Who of anti-oil, anti-guns and just about anti-Constitution! They are names such as but not limited to; Patty Murray, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, Dianne Feinstein, Kay R. Hagan, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Begich, and many others that do not support most if not all of the ideas about drilling for more Oil within our borders or for creating hundreds of thousands of jobs by building more oil refineries so we do not have to send our crude oil to other nations to be refined!


The Senators Senator Landrieu has supported have also voted for this same crackpot that led the fight to glorify a man whom killed a Policeman! These Senators had nearly always voted against what Senator Mary Landrieu wanted to do with Oil!  The best part of this is the amount of money Senator Mary Landrieu gets from a couple of oil companies and then uses that money to help the campaigns of Senators that vote against the very oil companies she got money from!  Companies such as but not limited to, Murphy Oil and Marathon Oil!  Now if Senator Mary Landrieu does not find it to be very wrong to support the Senators whom vote against the very Oil companies she gets campaign money from, what else does she not consider as being wrong?


Now just this morning we discussed Senator Mary Landrieu’s vote on this man whom built up support and glorified the man who killed a Policeman, we spoke to a lady by the name of Kirra whom stated that Senator Mary Landrieu voted for confirmation of Debo Adegbile, a man who got the former Black Panther, Mumia Abu-Jamal off death row for the murder of Police Officer Daniel Faulkner!  How in the world could anyone vote for this type of individual and this was a nomination that placed him deep within the ranks of the Civil Rights Division where this man could have set up the release of this man who murdered a policeman in cold blood!


Maybe it can be stated now through pure “Opinion” that Senator Mary Landrieu is but a puppet for Obama?  But her actions seem to indicate this to be true since she has voted directly along the lines of what President Obama wishes.  But to know that Senator Mary Landrieu has voted to “support” a man who effectively made a hero out of a Black Panther that murdered a Police officer is just a bit too far!  The amount of evidence just seems to pile up on Senator Mary Landrieu and it does not reflect in her favor nor does it show that Senator Mary Landrieu has voted along with the wishes of the people she is supposed to have represented!  Once again, Senator Mary Landrieu has done what should not have been done; she voted For a man who helped “Glorify” a man who murdered a Police Officer! Just why do the good people of Louisiana vote for this type of abuse by Senator Mary Landrieu?  Could it be that those whom do not know her real background and only listen to the rhetoric that she throws out. Those that collect money from the government are the very people that Senator Mary Landrieu keep in the dark and have them believe she is helping them when she is actually doing nothing for them!  Yes, it is time to CHANGE!



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