Senator Mary Landrieu Does it AGAIN!!

March 28, 2014

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Leon Puissegur


Has anyone ever really looked at what Senator Mary Landrieu says and then does?  Has anyone that may call themselves “reporters” ever inquired into just who has placed commercials out there about others who run against Senator Mary Landrieu? Has anyone questioned Senator Mary Landrieu as to how she can make certain statements while doing the total opposite?  So many questions pop up on Senator Mary Landrieu that one has to wonder what type of people have voted for her in the past and what they were on when they voted for her?  It would seem to an intelligent individual that Senator Mary Landrieu has come forward to support the Obamacare with 100% of her ability and some $300 million dollars, but Senator Mary Landrieu comes out in total support for the oil and gas industry while at the same time sending Campaign money to those whom oppose it!


Senator Mary Landrieu has made what is perhaps the most insulting vote in her history showing without a doubt that she has no hope of winning her Senate seat again and in that she is doing all that President Obama wishes her to do!  Here we had thought all along that Senator Mary Landrieu supports the people of Louisiana and yet it seems that she is willing to strike that down in support of the Socialistic ideology of Obama! Just how could we not see this coming with her support of Obamacare only After obtaining some $300 million for her support of the distinct nightmare called Obamacare! Now let us get to a recent article by one Amy Harder where she shows without hesitation just how Senator Mary Landrieu has once again done what she has stated would not be done!  Let us make this clear, Senator Mary Landrieu has stated that she is for all energy, and yet she brought up an individual to be part of the Interior Department, a Department that has control over oil and gas production!


Ms. Amy Harder wrote, “Newly minted Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Mary Landrieu (D., La.) pushed through a controversial Interior Department nominee Thursday over the united opposition of Republicans.

The committee voted along party lines, 12-10, to approve the nominee, Rhea Suh, to be assistant secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks at the Interior Department. Ms. Suh now advances to the full Senate where she needs 51 votes for confirmation. It was the first nomination meeting presided over by Ms. Landrieu.”

(See –

Now one has to wonder just who is this Rhea Suh?  This is where one has to begin to wonder just why Senator Mary Landrieu has done this in such a fashion as she has done.  To show what this Rhea Suh is we have to go to her statements and see just why she has been selected by the Obama Administration, remember that it is the Obama Administration that has never liked any sort of oil, natural gas, coal or other energy source that is not “green”. Ms. Suh seems to only be able to see what she is told to see, especially when it comes to her boss, Obama!  Just a glance at Reah Suh’s background begins to bring up questions. (See Below)

“In 2009, Suh was confirmed by the Senate as the assistant secretary of the Interior for Policy, Management and Budget. The February 4 hearing was Suh’s second appearance before the committee for her newly nominated post; Sen. Murkowski, the energy panel’s top Republican, called for an additional hearing after Suh failed to be responsive at the initial December 12, 2013 hearing regarding controversial Department of Interior policies and Suh’s own knowledge of issues that are of great importance not only to the nation’s energy security, but also to the millions of people (especially in the western states) directly affected by NPS and FWS policies and decisions.”
(See –

In looking deeper into Ms. Rhea Suh’s background, we find some disturbing instances that should cloud her appointment to this position that could set the oil, natural gas, and coal industries back to the 1800’s era! Her approach to nearly anything to do with the environment seems to come directly from the Sierra Club’s dictionary of how to save the environment at ALL costs! (See Below)


“Sen. Murkowski was particularly insistent on holding Suh’s feet to the fire over the Obama administration’s December 23, 2013 decision to kill an emergency road across a tiny corner of Alaska’s Izembeck National Wildlife Refuge (shown in part) to give the people of King Cove access to an all-weather airport and lifesaving medical treatment. The King Cove decision is one of numerous examples that have come to typify the federal government’s standard response of siding with the radical agenda of the well-funded, militant environmental lobby, regardless of the pain, suffering, and harm its policies cause to people, local economies, regions, and states.

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell (Rhea Sun Suh’s boss) announced the decision to reject the proposal for the emergency medical evacuation road two days before Christmas, inviting comparisons to the Grinch and Scrooge. The decision is considered by Alaskans to be all the more outrageous because Congress had already approved a land swap that vastly increased the size of the wildlife refuge, in exchange for a small parcel that would permit the much-needed road.

Reporting December 24 on the widespread Alaskan anger over Jewell’s announcement, of Ketchikan, Alaska, noted:

This land exchange approved by Congress in … 2009 — the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge Land Exchange Act — proposed adding more than 56,000 acres of state and tribal land to the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in exchange for a 206-acre road corridor through a corner of the refuge to connect King Cove with an all-weather airport in neighboring Cold Bay. Use of the road would be restricted to emergencies only by law.

In making her announcement, Secretary Jewell insisted that the administration’s decision was the result of “a robust and transparent public process to review the matter from all sides.”

Robust? Transparent? Taking into consideration “all sides”? Alaskans aren’t buying it, and are saying the Obama administration is continuing the longstanding fedgov policy of siding with the moneyed Big Green enviro-activist organizations (Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, Audubon).”

(See –

This article was written by William F. Jasper on February 6, 2014 and what he showed in this article seems to have come to be and in this it shows that Senator Mary Landrieu has changed her mind on the support of oil, Natural gas, and coal, where as before she supported these industries entirely, by her vote for this lady, Rhea Suh, she is now siding with the Obama Administration once again!  Now think of what people will be hurt by decisions made by an individual that was appointed by the vote of Senator Mary Landrieu.  Those whom would suffer the most with this would be the very people that Senator Mary Landrieu has stated she supports, the poor people who depend upon her help, but wait, those are the very people she is throwing under the buss just so she can be on the good side of Obama!  Maybe Senator Mary Landrieu has been promised some sort of appointment by Obama?  She must have been promised something to keep voting with Obama whom has done more to harm the very people that voted for him!

Now to show Rhea Suh’s connection to the “green” ideology of Obama, all one has to do is read the following to see that this lady will bow down and do whatever Obama tells her to do without hesitation!


“King Cove residents have been fighting for decades for a single-lane gravel road corridor that would provide safe access to Cold Bay’s airport, located just 22 miles away. When the federal government first created the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge more than three decades ago, it cut off the traditional land route between the Aleut community of King Cove and the old World War II outpost of Cold Bay. Community residents were never consulted. Because of that decision, King Cove is accessible only by sea or air. The remote community is often plagued by gale-force winds and thick fog, creating stormy, dangerous travel conditions, especially during medevacs.

“The lives of our people, our elders, children and grandchildren are at stake over this issue,” said Aleutians East Borough Mayor Stanley Mack. “Are birds really more important than people? It seems so hard to believe that the federal government finds it impossible to accommodate both wildlife and human beings. Is the Obama Administration turning its back on Native Americans?”

The fact is that the road issue has nothing to do with protecting birds, fish, or any other wildlife; as with so many other policies of the NPS, FWS, EPA, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other federal agencies, the alleged “environmental” concerns are merely the pretext for the real objective: omnipotent, oppressive government. That became unmistakably apparent when a video surfaced of EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz’s speech to EPA regulators, encouraging them to “crucify” oil and gas producers. (See our earlier report with the Armendariz video here.)

The public uproar over the EPA bureaucrat’s remarks forced his resignation. But Armendariz was simply following the extreme agenda set by the Obama White House. After all, as The New American reminded readers recently, when he was campaigning for the presidency in 2008, Barack Obama announced his plan to “bankrupt” the coal industry, and admitted that under his proposed regulations “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” We reported:

Critics realize the EPA is taking its marching orders from a president with an avowed goal of bankrupting the coal industry. During his first presidential bid in 2008, candidate Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle, “If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.” He added, “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

And Armendariz is but one of many extremely radical environmentalists in the Obama retinue. Remember Van Jones, the  self-proclaimed Maoist communist who served as Obama’s “green energy czar” until his fanaticism caught up with him and forced his resignation? Then there was “Climate Czar” Carol Browner, who was a big wheel at the Socialist International. More recently, top EPA officials were exposed in an e-mail scandal that revealed that they were colluding closely (and illegally) with the Sierra Club and other Big Green groups to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline, a major natural gas project.

Rhea Suh’s vita gives no hint that she would feel out of place in such company. In fact, there is good reason to believe that, if confirmed, she would use the considerable power of her office to stifle all energy production other than that produced by those “alternative” sources — wind, solar, ethanol — favored by the Big Green aubversives.”

(See –

But with this comes an even more dangerous implication.

“If Rhea S. Suh is confirmed by the Senate, she would have the power to block natural gas recovery and eradicate resource production on vast swaths of America’s federal lands, the coastal continental shelf, and astonishing amounts of private property,” author/columnist Ron Arnold wrote in a Washington Examiner column for December 14, 2013. “She would control two major bureaucracies, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (9,000 employees and more than 150 million acres) and the National Park Service (21,989 employees and 84.4 million acres, including more than 4.3 million acres in private ownership). Such power in Suh’s hands would be a disaster for resource production and the national economy.”

Arnold, who is executive vice president of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and a longtime nemesis of the Big Green activists, writes that Rhea Suh “spent more than a decade from 1998 to 2009 working for two major Big Green foundations, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation ($7.4 billion assets), and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation ($6.3 billion in assets).” This employment history is very telling, and should be disturbing to anyone who is familiar with the radical environmental programs financed by the Hewlett and Packard foundations.

But that is only part of the troubling story; it gets worse. Arnold explains:

Suh is an alumna of the Environmental Grantmakers Association, which includes more than 200 Big Green foundations that are dedicated to stopping development of America’s abundant natural resources.

Suh’s track record shows nothing but opposition to tapping America’s natural resources.

(See –

Now Louisiana’s Senator Mary Landrieu has given the green light for this “Opponent” of oil, natural gas, and coal to sit at a position that she will be able to make sure that every attempt to supply our natural resources are not taken advantage of, but if one is to believe Senator Mary Landrieu, she is all for oil, natural gas and coal!


But do not believe what we show, one only has to read what is written by those outside of Louisiana to see what Senator Mary Landrieu is doing to help destroy the oil, natural gas, and coal industries!

“Ms. Murkowski and other Republicans say that Ms. Suh, who is currently Interior Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget, would push an agenda that opposes oil and natural gas development. They particularly point to comments she made in 2007 that were critical of gas.

“The pace and magnitude of this [natural gas] development is easily the single greatest threat to the ecological integrity of the West,” Ms. Suh said while working on conservation issues at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Despite facing criticism from Republicans on the campaign trail and inside Congress, Ms. Landrieu, who is in a tight re-election this year, defended Ms. Suh. Her office sent out a release rebutting the arguments put forth by Republicans as to why Ms. Suh should not be confirmed. Sen. Mark Udall, (D., Colo.), who is also up for re-election this year, also supported her nomination despite a letter the Republican delegation from Colorado—including his top challenger Rep. Cory Gardner, (R., Colo.)—sent to the energy committee on Wednesday criticizing Ms. Suh.”

(See –

Now why on earth should Senator Mary Landrieu make statements that she is all for drilling and obtaining our natural resources and then goes out and vote to confirm such a dangerous women, Rhea Suh?  Maybe because Senator Mary Landrieu does no longer care about those who voted for her from Louisiana?  Maybe she now is more worried about what she will do after her failure to win the Senate seat?  In either case, what she has done with this vote is as bad as placing a fox in the hen house!

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