Senator Mary Landrieu, Fence is “dumb”!

June 14, 2013


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Leon Puissegur


What can be said now? Our state Senator, a Lady that is supposed to represent the State of Louisiana has once again embarrassed our State by making an outrageous statement about the Border fence that is needed for security first! Below is taken directly off “Numbers USA” site and written by one Chris Chmielenski.  Now this is very bad and it has to concern our people since Louisiana does not have a Border, but the United States does and that Border does need to be protected or we will surely see some of those crazy people known as terrorists come across and kill some of our people.


The brief article by Mr. Chmielenski, shows just how bad Senator Mary Landrieu may well be.  It shows that she has no respect for actual facts that show if we build a fence to keep people from Illegally coming into our nation, it may solve some of the problems along the border, instead Senator Mary Landrieu comes up and says it is a “Dumb fence”.

This is Louisiana’s Senator and maybe it is time to get rid of her to stop the embarrassment she brings forth when she speaks on the floor of the Senate and when she takes 300 million dollars for a vote!

The quoted material below is from Chris Chmielenski, whom wrote it and posted it at, Numbers USA.

On Thursday morning, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) criticized an amendment offered by Sen. John Thune that would require completion of 700 miles of fencing (as required by the Secure Fence Act of 2006) before illegal aliens could receive legal status and work permits. In her statements, Sen. Landrieu called the border fence ‘dumb’.

“I would be voting against Senator Thune’s amendment because I’m not going to waste taxpayer money on a dumb fence and that’s what his amendment would be.”

Sen. Thune’s amendment would require the federal government to fulfill a law that was passed 7 years ago by an 80-to-19 margin in the U.S. Senate. The bill received yes votes from Pres. Barack Obama, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, and current Gang of Eight member Chuck Schumer.”

Maybe if they offered Senator Landrieu a check for 300 million dollars, she would vote for the “Dumb Fence” to keep illegal, that is defined as “criminals” because they come into our nation “Against” the law and that is a crime so they are not just illegal aliens, but criminals as well, but the fence would keep most out.  We put up fences around our homes to keep dogs in and hopefully criminals out so why is it such a bad idea?  Could this be that maybe Senator Landrieu does not see “illegal aliens” but future voters for the Democratic Party?  That is a question that she has to answer and we doubt she will since she does think a fence to keep criminals out is a bad idea!!  Is this really the person we wish to have as a person to supposedly represent our State?  Should we vote for this person because she thinks the fence to protect our Border is a bad idea?  Should we vote for a Senator whom has taken 300 million dollars for a vote?  Is it time to vote Senator Landrieu out and replace her with an individual whom thinks of the nation rather than money and votes?  It is time for the people of Louisiana to take a stand and get rid of Senator Landrieu before she makes our State look like a bunch of backwoods people!


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