Senator Mary Landrieu on “Global Warming” and Other Issues?

August 27, 2014



Leon Puissegur


Now just what would Senator Mary Landrieu’s stand on this upcoming battle over President Obama once again sidestepping the rule of the Constitution be?  Well, for this we should just go back to her stand on anything about oil, natural gas, and coal.  All we have to do is go back to see where her money went from her huge Political Action Committee called the JAZZ PAC.  A quick look will see that Senator Mary Landrieu has sent money in amounts from $5,000 to $10,000 to other Senators who do not back her on ideas of oil, natural gas and coal.  We just have to go to the following site to see that Senator Mary Landrieu contributed some $10,00 to Senator Harry Reid, a Senator who votes against any sort of oil, natural gas or coal ideas!

See –


Now with this in mind and a quick look at this site, we have to wonder just where Senator Mary Landrieu is going to take a stand on the issue of allowing Obama to go ahead and make a deal with the World to give money to poor countries from our banks, money we do not have yet will be moved to those poor countries to “help” them cope with this “Global Warming” scam, because that is all “Global Warming” is, a huge scam!  Now just how can we say it is a scam?  Take a look around and you will see that over the last 15 years, the world has not increased in temperature by no more than maybe a degree at best, plus if one goes to unbiased sites, they will see that over the last 15 years the world has been cooling down a bit, which causes great concern due to the fact that it does not fit into any sort of computer model that the IPCC has done nor confirm any alleged data they produced!


But let us get back to Senator Mary Landrieu, after all, she is coming up for reelection this year and we should never forget that!  Senator Landrieu has stated or rather was quoted as stating;


“Senate Energy Committee Chairwoman Mary Landrieu (La.) cautiously signaled support for the oil and gas industry that is important to her state, without commenting on the plan to sidestep the Senate.

“It is important that all nations do what they can to reduce carbon in the atmosphere,” she said. “But the president should not take any action that undermines the American energy revolution currently underway that is creating thousands of high-paying jobs for middle class families in Louisiana and across the country.”


See –


Here Senator Landrieu seems to show she maybe is “cautious” about what she says about President Obama’s plan to work this new “Global Warming, also called Climate Change” into being by using his “pen and phone”.  But let us just look at that JAZZ PAC once more and bring into this light that what Senator Mary Landrieu says and what she does are 2 completely different animals and one is a lamb while the other is a wolf tearing the rug from under the working people and those who support her blindly!  It would seem to indicate that Senator Mary Landrieu takes the idea of this very flawed idea of “Climate Change” seriously since she states very clearly, ““It is important that all nations do what they can to reduce carbon in the atmosphere,” We cannot hide this as being anything else but an outright lock step with those who would turn our nation into a 3rd world style nation with only the “elite”, like Senator Landrieu and others, and the poor, like those who work to pay their bills!


If you wish to know just where Senator Landrieu really stands, go to her Political Action Committee and see, here she sent some $15,000 to no other than Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas who by the way voted Against any energy bill that did not have “green” energy in its name!


See –


It is not surprising to see Senator Mary Landrieu do this especially since she was the one Senator who helped bring us all the Obamacare bill costing just 300 million dollars, or maybe we should remember her vote way back in 2006 where she decided that our nation, although it was based upon an “ENGLISH” speaking people, we do not need to make our national language to be English, yes, Senator Mary Landrieu voted NOT to make English our National Language!


If we were to look at this JAZZ PAC run by Senator Mary Landrieu, we would see that money has gone to a good number of other Senators that have voted AGAINST her on every issue making her vote null and void!  Yet we are supposed to believe that Senator Mary Landrieu has the people of Louisiana in her mind when it comes to jobs, and our work, well, nothing could be further from the truth since Senator Mary Landrieu does in fact know well that no matter how much she says she votes for the people of Louisiana, she knows that her friends that she sends money to from the JAZZ PAC will nullify her vote!  By the way, Senator Mary Landrieu will not come forth and state that she supports the Second Amendment and the right of people in Louisiana to own guns, she walks away from that with a much different view, one that once again sides with the Anti gun lobby that supports her, the PAC’s that have been running ads for her have all been linked to none other than former New York Mayor Blumberg, one of the most anti gun nuts in this nation! If you do not believe this, run a check on the Political Action group that runs Senator Mary Landrieu’s ads and see if Bloomberg’s name shows up, if you can find the PAC since most of them change once people finds out the Anti-gun people support Senator Mary Landrieu! Now it seems that Senator Mary Landrieu will be taking the side of President Obama once again, this time on an issue that will cost even the poor people money with increase in electric bills due to this “Climate Change” ideology that has no hard evidence at all that it is real!

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