Senator Mary Landrieu Has to GO!!

November 7, 2013



Leon Puissegur

Where do we start with Senator Mary Landrieu?  How can we believe what she says when every time a vote comes up and it is not what the people of Louisiana want, she still votes “Against” what the people of Louisiana want?  We know it has been a very long time ago when the people of Louisiana wished for Senator Landrieu to vote Yes for the National language to be English, but Senator Landrieu Voted “Against” that idea even though our National language has always been “English”!  Now we kept hearing from Senator Landriue about how she listens to the people of Louisiana, but in reality, Senator Landrieu only listens to those who vote for her and through those people she has control due to the fact that she in essence controls their pocket books, their money, how much they get in “handouts” from the Government!  Yes this is very bold to make a statement like this, but it is our “Opinion” that this is basically what she has done to maintain her position, by telling her voters that as long as they vote for her they will continue to receive “free” handouts!


Now we cannot forget what she did about Obamacare, actually called the “Affordable Care Act” which has now been shown to be probably the worst law ever to be passed by just the Democratic Party!  Now we see some 93,000 people in Louisiana losing their health insurance because of this act, one by the way which leads directly back to Senator Mary Landrieu and her vote for this crummy law!  Does anyone remember what many called the 300 million dollars that Senator Mary Landrieu got just to cast her vote for this Law?  We need not worry about what it was called since the Fact that Senator Mary Landrieu accepted 300 million dollars to vote for this law even when some 70% of the people in Louisiana said they did not want it seems to show that maybe the 300 million dollars was a bribe given to her to obtain her vote which was needed on top of the Senator from Nebraska!  Had they both not accepted the “bribes” from the Obama Administration, 93,000 people in Louisiana would not be losing the health insurance they obtained because they liked it!


Senator Mary Landrieu even stated that; “If the vote for (Obamacare) would come up again, I would vote FOR it!”  Now she still considers this waste of taxpayer money to be a good law but Senator Mary Landrieu like other Democrats up for election next year are scrambling like mad dogs with rabies!  They see themselves being beaten by this law, the law that Senator Mary Landrieu accepted 300 million dollars to vote for it!  Now Senator Mary Landrieu is scrambling to correct her huge mistake, but the people of Louisiana should Never allow her to go back to Washington, D.C. because she does Not represent the majority of people in Louisiana!  Senator Mary Landrieu voted “Against” the Republicans when they brought up a bill that would have delayed this law and now she is looking for a reprieve By placing the very delay that the Republicans asked for just over a month ago! The people of Louisiana should “Never” forget that she voted “FOR” this law that has taken away insurance coverage for 93,000 people at this time and maybe many more later!


But wait, Senator Mary Landrieu on November 6, 2013, went to a “secret” meeting behind “closed” doors with Obama to discuss the problems of this law which has caused the cancellation of 93,000 people’s insurance now and may have even higher numbers next year when the delay from big companies comes back into affect!  How can Senator Mary Landrieu come before the people of Louisiana with a straight face and ask them to vote for her again?  Why should the good people of Louisiana even consider her as a candidate after she refused to listen to them when this law that has stripped 93,000 people of their insurance was given the green light by her vote, but only “After” she got 300 million dollars?  It just makes no sense unless you are one of those of whom are totally dependent upon the Government for money and other items, but those people will also suffer due to doctor shortages which will be coming and very long lines at the “assigned” doctor that one would be forced to see due to this very bad law!


One has to wonder just what is Senator Mary Landrieu get this time for her support of this law that the good people of Louisiana did not want to begin with?  Will Senator Mary Landrieu be given some sort of post with Obama should she lose her election bid?  Will she turn her back upon the good people of Louisiana once again?  Now that some 93,000 people so far have lost their insurance due to this “Affordable Care Act”, (Obamacare), one has to wonder what took place at the “secret” and quickly called meeting with Obama?  Was Senator Mary Landrieu told to go back and blame the insurance companies for the problem that the new law caused?  Will she come back to Louisiana during the Thanksgiving break and beg for people to “wait” so that the law will work itself out?  Maybe President Obama just told her mot to worry the law would be fine after the first of the year, but that will not help the 93,000 good people of Louisiana to get insurance that was denied to them by the “Obamacare” law! 


We could develop a huge list of votes where Senator Mary Landrieu seemed to ignore what the good people of Louisiana want and she voted directly along the lines of the Democratic Party!  Senator Mary Landrieu even voted for the gun laws that were defeated and she may even vote for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which would render the Constitution illegal and the Treaty would “allow” the United Nations to come into our nation and register all guns and in further action down the line they will come back and confiscate those guns!  It is clearly written in that Treaty and we have to see if Senator Mary Landrieu votes for that law as well which would destroy our Constitution and take nearly all our rights away!


We believe that Senator Mary Landrieu should not be “allowed” to make any further votes in Washington, D.C. due to the fact that she does NOT listen to the good people of Louisiana!  With all this said, we just have to say that Senator Mary Landrieu does “Not” have the best interest of Louisiana in her heart or in her votes, she betrayed the 70% of the good people of Louisiana by accepting the 300 million dollars for her vote “FOR” Obamacare and that in and of itself should be reason enough to send her packing!  Our theory is that when she loses the election, she will be given a nice job for one of the PAC’s in Washington, D.C. or maybe Obama will give her a position on his staff for her votes, either way, Senator Mary Landrieu is totally disconnected from the good people of Louisiana and as such she has to be sent packing so we can send a person who will listen to the good people of Louisiana!


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