Senator Mary Landrieu, Obama’s Puppet!

October 25, 2014

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Leon Puissegur


Senator Mary Landrieu is makeing a half hearted effort to run from Obama and his policies, including his acts to take guns from law abiding people, yet they are the very same as Senator Mary Landrieu’s! Senator Harry Reid along with Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are dumping millions to “help” Mary!  President Obama stated that “These folks are my supporters, they support my policies every time they come up!”  Now let us bring forth one “Policy” that the very good people of Louisiana that hunt and own guns should be Very aware of, President Obama along with Secretary of State John Kerry both signed the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which on face value does not look too bad, but when investigated deeply, it is a Treaty that would not just “FORCE” registration of ALL guns, but it would also give the right to the United Nations to Confiscate, take away, remove all guns from individuals hands!  Did we mention that Senator Mary Landrieu voted FOR the United Nations Small Arms Treaty? Yes she did vote for that very treaty and she is not a Second Amendment fan, Senator Mary Landrieu has sided with President Obama on nearly every gun rights issue! Yes Senator Mary Landrieu is Obama’s puppet, doing all he asks of her even if the people of Louisiana do not agree, as was the case with the Obamacare issue!


But it is not just Obama that pulls Senator Mary Landrieu’s strings; Senator Harry Reid seems to garner her support when he needs money for his re-election to the tune of $10,000 for his last election. But Senator Mary Landrieu did not stop there. When a vote came up in the Senate to “support” President Obama’s acceptance of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, Senator Mary Landrieu stood up and cast a vote to accept the United Nations ideas, thank heavens that only 45 other Senators voted with her or today our nation would be watching the total registration of all our guns with confiscation to follow and the loss of our Constitutional rights under the Second Amendment!  Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu went with Obama and voted to give away our Constitution to the United Nations with the confiscation of all legally owned guns!  Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu was just like a good puppet for President Obama when it came to making an attempt to destroy our Constitution and our Second Amendment rights!


Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu is Obama’s puppet, Senator Mary Landrieu when asked to support the Obamacare she jumped up and said fine, but let’s make it look good, give me 300 million dollars so I can say I got that for the people of Louisiana, even when they did not want that! Now just how many times has Senator Mary Landrieu dropped everything and bowed down to Obama’s request?  We could not list them all since it seems she has done all that President Obama has asked of her, even President Obama himself stated so recently when he said, “They are good folks that support me anytime I need their help.” So just how do or could we as people of Louisiana really expect Senator Mary Landrieu to consider what “WE THE PEOPLE OF LOUISIANA” really want?  It would seem that Senator Mary Landrieu, being a puppet of President Obama, could not do what she wants or should for the people of Louisiana because she has pitched her tent on the White House lawn and just cannot seem to move away! Just a puppet of President Obama’s and what Obama says, Senator Landrieu does!



Now we should be very clear here that while it is true that Senator Mary Landrieu is the head of the Energy Committee, all we as her constituents have to do is look to see just how many bills she has moved out of committee to the floor of the Senate while being the head of that committee! Once again, we see that the puppet master, now being Senator Harry Reid would never allow anything out of her committee so in essence, what Senator Mary Landrieu does in that committee is all for nothing!  So given these facts, one could say that Senator Mary Landrieu is like the song, making money for nothing, but on our tax dollars! But if President Obama asked her to vote on a bill he liked, the puppet would do so!


Senator Mary Landrieu seems to make it clear that she has pushed for certain ideas and in a couple of cases got them, but when we go way back to 2006 and see that maybe Senator Landrieu did not have the United States in mind when she voted to NOT make English our national language! Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu voted Against, that is NOT to make English our national language, one has to wonder why did she do this especially since we all speak, write, and converse in English! This Senator Mary Landrieu did on her own.


Senator Mary Landrieu has stated she supports the Keystone Pipeline, yet in making that very statement, Senator Mary Landrieu forgets what she has done by sending Campaign money to those whom oppose the very pipeline, like Senator Harry Reid, Senator Jeanne Sheehan, and several others whom have helped her in this election through Senator Harry Reid’s and Former Mayor Micheal Bloomberg’s contributions to her campaign in the millions with ads that depict her as being almost an angel, yet these very individuals would like nothing better than to have her back inn the Senate to do their bidding especially when it comes time for their new Anti-gun laws they wish to pass and Senator Mary Landrieu supports just like she did with the United Nations action stemming from President Obama! Yes, once again, just a puppet for President Obama!


With only a few days left before the election, it is our hope along with all the gun owners of Louisiana and future hunters from them and other people who want to see more jobs, not higher minimum wages, and along with those who wish to see more drilling and more refineries instead of less of both, yes it is all of us that want this, but not Senator Mary Landrieu, her strings are controlled by President Obama, he said so the other day and along with him, comes Senator Harry Reid, Mayor Bloomberg, and the other Anti-gun people that have aligned themselves with Senator Mary Landrieu! Yes, Senator Mary Landrieu is a puppet for President Obama and they want to keep it that way and they also want to keep the poor as that, poor! There is so much to say about Senator Mary Landrieu and how she tows the line when President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and so many others that Senator Mary Landrieu is like a huge puppet and they are her masters! Can we as the good people of Louisiana allow another 6 years of Senator Mary Landrieu being a puppet for those people who hold no real interest in Louisiana, we would hope not!

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