Senator Mary Landrieu Supports Obama’s Gun Control!!

November 26, 2013


Leon Puissegur

What is this now?  Just how can Senator Mary Landrieu say she supports the Second Amendment while she speaks to Obama about supporting His Gun Control agenda?  How can Senator Mary Landrieu make such awful statements?  How can Senator Mary Landrieu make such out ward LIES? It is simple because she stood on the floor of the Senate and backed the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) without hesitation!  She carried the very same Lie that Obama knew was wrong by stating that you could keep your health insurance if you liked it, and you could keep your doctor if you liked him.  Now more than 93,000 people in Louisiana will not have “Affordable” health care after the New Year if they can get any at all!  If you think Obama is a “LIAR”, maybe we should check out Senator Mary Landrieu since she is doing just what he “tells” her to do or that is what it seems to be!


We can clearly make this statement about Senator Mary Landrieu being a “LIAR” since she echoed Obama with his lies about the Health Care law that has so far failed! Now Just a few moments ago we get the following report that Senator Mary Landrieu is not just supporting Obama’s “Gun Control” grab, but she is being endorsed by her action by Obama’s wife Michelle Obama! Now just how in the world can Senator Mary Landrieu come out and accept this endorsement by Michelle Obama stating that Senator Mary Landrieu “Supports” President Obama’s “Gun Control” ideology while supposedly “caring” for the people of Louisiana, a state that has the most “Pro-Gun” laws of the entire United States?


Now Senator Mary Landrieu has seemingly come out against portions of the Obamacare law, but in reality, she is doing what she has always done but people turned a blind eye towards her, she LIED! Now let us show you the people of Louisiana and the other States what Senator Mary Landrieu seems to have received from Michelle Obama, and this is from two sources sited below!


(See – Click here to read the full story:

Remarks by Michelle Obama at DSCC Women Senators Event:


Here is what was revealed today about just what Senator Mary Landrieu has seemingly agreed to!


Recently, at a New York City fundraiser Michelle Obama endorsed Senator Mary Landrieu and said that electing Landrieu is “critical” to enacting President Obama’s anti-Second Amendment agenda.”

Here we see that Michelle Obama has endorsed Senator Mary Landrieu especially for her “critical” help with President Obama’s “anti-Second Amendment agenda”!  Now just how inn the world can Senator Mary Landrieu do this when she took an Oath of office to, “uphold, preserve, and protect the Constitution of the United States”?  That would be very easy for a “LIAR” to do!


More from the NRA notice;

“There are over a hundred thousand NRA members and Second Amendment supporters in Louisiana who deserve to know that Mrs. Obama  believes that re-electing Senator Landrieu is key to enacting President Barack Obama’s anti-freedom agenda.”


Now we see clearly just what Senator Mary Landrieu has in mind, the elimination of the Second Amendment and thus the Constitution because without the Second Amendment, there cannot be a First Amendment!  We as the “People” of Louisiana should mark this day down and make sure we use this when next November comes around and kick her out of office since she has no respect for the Constitution or for the good people of Louisiana!



Excerpts from Michelle Obama’s remarks:

“And let’s not forget about that common-sense gun legislation, that so many of us feel so strongly about. Sadly as you know, that bill failed. Anyone know by how many votes? It failed by just six votes in the Senate. Six. So make no mistake about it: the midterm elections, they matter. They matter.”

Here we can clearly see that Senator Mary Landrieu has NOT listened to the good people of Louisiana, especially when they voted to make our state the best state to own a gun in!  We should NOT forget that Senator Mary Landrieu just voted to allow the United Nations to come in and “register” all our guns under the United Nations Small Arms Treaty!  That alone is grounds to vote her out of office since this is in direct conflict with the very Oath of office she took to, “…uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”


Obama went on to say that said that people could make a “huge difference” in the Louisiana election by writing a “huge check.”

“And it’s simple, you can write a big ol’ fat check,” she said, to laughs. “That’s what we need you to do. Right now, write a big check, big huge one, write the biggest check you can possibly write.”

Now in this part we see that Michelle Obama wants Senator Mary Landrieu to, “write a big ol’ fat check” now just what will that “big ol’ fat check” be used for?  Will it be used to help the good people of Louisiana, or will it be used to help President Obama to “Destroy” the Second Amendment along with the Constitution of the United States?  We have to ask Senator Mary Landrieu what she intends to do with this “big ol’ fat check”!

In conclusion, she said that re-electing Senator Landrieu is critical to enacting President Obama’s agenda.

“And it is just as critical that we elect — reelect Senators Mary Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu, Jeanne Shaheen — it is critical, because we all know that it’s not enough to elect Barack Obama President if we don’t give him a Congress that will help him ….” 

In this last part it sounds like this endorsement of Senator Mary Landrieu by Michelle Obama may well be done with hopes of obtaining a very bad “Small Arms Treaty” with the United Nations!  It is so close to being a pure buy out by Michelle Obama and a sell out by Senator Mary Landrieu, (whom by the way sold her vote FOR Obamacare for 300 million Dollars), which now does not seem so unreal!  “WE THE PEOPLE” of Louisiana now know what our choice is and one thing for sure is that we cannot allow Senator Mary Landrieu another term in office since she CANNOT live up to her Oath of office now!  If “WE THE PEOPLE” of Louisiana allow Senator Mary Landrieu another term in office, we will most certainly see our Second Amendment and the Constitution of the United States slip from our grasp and have to turn in our guns or face jail terms for not doing so as prescribed under the United Nations Small Arms Treaty!  Are “WE THE PEOPLE” going to allow this to happen? Are “WE THE PEOPLE” going to stand on the side and allow our Second Amendment and Constitution to be destroyed by Senator Mary Landrieu and others?  We pray to the heavenly father this does not happen!


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