Senator Mary Landrieu Votes Against the People AGAIN!!

April 3, 2013



Leon Puissegur



Senator Mary Landrieu answered a question we had about her gun control votes recently where she actually voted against an Amendment by Senator Lee which would have made it a rule that at least 67 Senators were needed to pass any “Gun Control” laws.  Senator Mary Landrieu did NOT vote for that and she now states in a letter to us that she is a ‘centrist’ and does not follow “Party” lines, yet if one looks at her record, she has voted For some sort of Second Amendment restriction some 52 percent of the time!  Senator Mary Landrieu will vote for the United Nations Small Arms treaty which will be AGAINST the Constitution and the Second Amendment!


On May 4, 2011, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm another radical Obama nominee to the federal judiciary. John McConnell is a liberal, anti-gun activist who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to far left candidates like President Obama and his allies in Congress. He even served for a time as treasurer of the Rhode Island Democratic State Committee, raising the question of whether he could serve impartially on the federal bench. And in response to Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) questioning about the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights, McConnell was evasive and refused to declare that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental, individual liberty. In this vote (which is rated here), the Senate voted 63-33 to shut off debate and end a filibuster of the McConnell nomination. Trying to appease both sides, many compromising Senators voted to end the filibuster but then turned around to oppose his confirmation (which can be viewed at The crucial filibuster vote, which is rated here, assigns a “+” to the 33 Senators cast pro-gun votes in trying to continue the filibuster.


This was back in 2011 when she had no problem voting with the “Democratic” party or voting along “party” lines.  We should Always remember that it was Senator Mary Landrieu whom still carries the title of the “Louisiana Purchase” for the Obamacare vote and this law is about to eat everyone’s lunch and cost a lot more than anyone of those whom voted for it had ever stated it would!  But let us NOT stop here, we must continue on and Show that although Senator Landrieu has stated numerous times that she is a “Centrist”, she seems to forget that After the election but just before an election, she then becomes a “Centrist”  to show that she does not vote with the Party!



Cover-Up Protection Act


On Passage of the Bill
Senate Roll Call No. 101
112nd Congress, 1st Session

Passed: 79-20 (see complete tally)


On June 29, 2011, the Senate voted to pass S. 679, the Cover-Up Protection Act, by a vote of 79-20. This bill allows Barack Obama to appoint political hacks to 170 additional high government positions, without any requirement that they be confirmed by the Senate. The bill’s sponsors made a lot of concessions to GOA concerns — reinstating the requirement that legislative affairs officers (such as Fast & Furious cover-up artist, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich) continue to be subject to Senate confirmation. However, the bill would still allow Obama to appoint a political hack to head the Bureau of Justice Statistics. This means that the Bureau could rapidly become an engine for politically correct anti-gun “junk science.” For this reason, a vote against passage of the bill is rated as a “+.”


Here it should be noted that although the vote of Senator Mary Landrieu would not really have mattered had she voted Against this bill, Senator Mary Landreiu did in fact Vote FOR this bill showing that once again she has in fact voted along the “Democratic party” lines!  Now even when she responds to current letters, she is vague as to what she will do.  Below is one such letter sent out that shows that Senator Mary Landrieu while stating;


“I strongly believe that we must find a way to reduce gun violence without infringing on the rights of honest Americans who abide by the law and own guns. My record on protecting citizens’ Second Amendment rights is strong, as I voted in opposition to the 2004 assault weapons ban and in favor of restoring Second Amendment rights in the District of Columbia, among other relevant votes.”

Here she makes a statement that counters the way she voted on March 31, 2013 on the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which would allow the United Nations to “Control” your gun rights!!!  See below her letter below.


April 3, 2013

Dear Mr. Puissegur:

The longstanding Senate Rule, known as the “cloture rule,” enables Senators to end a filibuster on any debatable matter with the votes of at least three-fifths, or 60, of all Senators. A recent attempt to amend the cloture rule by ending debate with only 50 votes failed to pass in the U.S. Senate. Furthermore, there is no current legislation that aims to suppress the influence of either party or give legislative leeway to a bill whose aim is to address gun violence in America. I understand your concerns over the proposed changes to the legislative process of the U.S. Senate and the effects they could have on current issues, and I appreciate hearing from you on this matter.

In response to the tragic events that occurred in Newtown, Conn., Congress and the White House are currently considering ways to reduce gun violence in America. I strongly believe that we must find a way to reduce gun violence without infringing on the rights of honest Americans who abide by the law and own guns. My record on protecting citizens’ Second Amendment rights is strong, as I voted in opposition to the 2004 assault weapons ban and in favor of restoring Second Amendment rights in the District of Columbia, among other relevant votes.

As a centrist United States Senator, I do not decide my vote based on party line, or based on what party is in the White House. There are no simple solutions to this extremely complicated issue and I fully recognize that there are legitimate concerns on all sides. Please be assured that I will continue to carefully review any and all related legislative measures with the will of the people of Louisiana in mind.

As your senator, I rely heavily on the comments and concerns of my constituents when acting out my duties in Congress. I hope you will continue to contact me regarding matters of mutual concern. Please feel free to visit my website at for additional information on my legislative priorities.

With warm regards, I am



Mary Landrieu
United States Senator

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On March 31, 2013, Senator Mary Landrieu voted as shown below, a vote AGAINST upholding the Second Amendment Rights and Prevent the United nations from being “allowed” to enter into a “treaty” with the United States that would essentially destroy the Second Amendment and the very Constitution that Senator Mary Landrieu took an Oath to “preserve, defend, and protect.”  But instead, she voted with the Democrats, along “Party” lines and voted to “NO” to Uphold the Second Amendment!  Does this sound like a Senator whom believes in the Second Amendment Rights of the people of Louisiana or does it sound more like a Senator whom is out to agree with the United Nations and destroy the very Constitution and the Second Amendment?  You decide, the record speaks for itself!


Statement of Purpose:
To uphold Second Amendment rights and
prevent the United States from entering into
The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

Vote Counts:
Not Voting

Alphabetical by Senator Name
Landrieu (D-LA), Nay
Vitter (R-LA), Yea



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