Senator Mary Landrieu Votes Against The People!!!

August 14, 2014

Senator Landrieu's Best Friends Forever!
Senator Landrieu’s Best Friends Forever!






Leon Puissegur


Has anyone ever sat down and actually looked at what Senator Landrieu voted for and just how it actually helped the very people she claims to have helped?  We have been paying attention to what Senator Landrieu lays claim to and what really happens.  It seems that when it comes to the people of Louisiana, Senator Landriue forgets she was elected by them to do what they wished while she was in Washington, D.C.  But this is not what Senator Landrieu has done!


Let us begin with what we believe is perhaps the worst vote Senator Landrieu ever did, that was the vote way back when Senator Landrieu voted, wait, we will say it, “AGAINST” making English the national Language!  Now what could possibly be the idea behind that vote, especially due to the open and most widely used language English is what this nation was built upon and the language that is used for nearly everything we do!  With that vote way back in 2006, Senator Mary Landrieu ensured that our nation would NOT have English as the national language!  Could that have been due to her knowing well in advance that all these “Spanish” speaking people would be flooding our southern border?  No matter what the reason was, to turn her back upon making English the national language would indicate that she does not consider English as important enough to render it as our national language even though it is widely taught in every school throughout this once great nation!


Now that we have your attention, just recently Senator Landrieu voted to RAISE your Internet bill with a new tax that her dear friend Senator Harry Reid wishes to pass.  This “new” TAX on Internet use will take affect around November 1, 2014 should this bill be passed in the house!  These will ad another $15 to maybe $20 a month onto an already high bill to use the Internet!  One has to wonder just why is Senator Mary Landrieu, whom was born in Virginia by the way, wishes to do this to the very people she is asking to vote for her?  This is like telling all the voters, “Hey! If you vote for me I will make sure you have to pay more for your Internet to see what I have done to your freedom!”  Nice gesture would you agree?  Well, we know that the poor people would get subsidies to have this newly TAXED internet that Senator Landrieu’s best friend forever, Senator Harry Reid, would love to see right?  NO.  No one would get any break on this, Everyone would have to pay more for their Internet should they allow this trash bill, supported by Senator Mary Landrieu, to go forward! (See – Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA))


Now we also know that it seemed that Senator Mary Landrieu “SOLD” her vote for 300 million dollars to help pass the monster sitting at our door called Obamacare, or the one Senator Mary Landrieu likes to say is the “Affordable Care Act”, which when all the little flags and sheets are taken away will cost not just more money, but may even cost lives of the oldest people needing care now!  We have to wonder just how many times has Senator Mary Landrieu voted for the people of Louisiana?  In this Affordable Care Act, the people of Louisiana strongly opposed it by over 70 percent, but Senator Mary Landrieu could not turn down 300 million dollars to take a side with what may well go down as the worst law ever passed!  Yep, she did it for the 30 percent of the people that really wanted it, which just happens to be those who could well afford to pay the high cost of health care that this piece of legislation that Senator Mary Landrieu accepted 300 million dollars to help pass!  Once again, Senator Landrieu voted for the people, NO!  Just joking on that since we all know that she voted AGAINST even her most admired voters!


Now let us move on to yet another idea that Senator Mary Landrieu says she supports while at the same time, she funds those who cast votes against what she claims is what she wants!  Yes, this is VERY true!  Senator Mary Landrieu would have all of her supporters believe that she is working very hard to get the Keystone Pipeline begun, while all the time, she knows full well that her BFF, Senators Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Fienstein, Al Franken, Mark Begich, Jeanne Shaheen, Max Baucus, and Jack reed, all of whom Senator Mary Landrieu sent campaign contributions to ranging from $2500 to $10,000 to Senator Harry Reid knowing full well that no matter what she does while seated as the head of the Energy Committee, they will vote against her every time!  Just as a glaring example of this read what does Senator Harry Reid state below.


In a trade publication, The Energy Guardian, it is stated very clear;


“The Energy Guardian, a trade publication on energy policy, said Harry Reid “laughed at the suggestion that he bring the bill to a vote…” They further said, “Reid, D-Nev., has made it clear that the buck stops with him in the Senate, and that passage of a Keystone XL pipeline approval bill in her committee will likely be a symbolic victory…”


Even Canada knows that Senator Landrieu is absolutely powerless to do anything on Keystone. Yesterday, their government approved a pipeline to their Pacific Coast so they can ship their oil to CHINA. We could have a safe supply of oil from our closest neighbor and friend, but Harry Reid would rather see that oil creating Chinese jobs and prosperity and Mary Landrieu can’t do anything to stop him.”


Here it is shown that Senator Mary Landrieu does not worry about anyone from Louisiana because she has Senator Harry Reid and others of whom she gave money to their campaigns, to ensure they voted against her!  So no matter what Senator Mary Landrieu does or says about oil, she knows that nothing will pass while her BFF stop any of her ideas before they even get to the floor of the Senate!  Now Senator Mary Landrieu is coming to you, the very people she is hurting to ask for your vote?  We would ask her to go see Senator Harry Reid and see if he can help her out!


But if you do not believe what is shown here, and it is a lot, just go to her Political Action Committee web site know to all the “Rich” people as the JAZZ PAC and explore the site, find out just check out to whom she has donated thousands of dollars to and you will see names like Harry Reid, Mark Begich, Al Franken, Jeane Shaheen, (Senator Shaheen would love to stop all oil use by the way!), and so many others that cast votes against anything Senator Mary Landrieu presents!


We have to now ask you to please pass this on to everyone you know so they will know the real side of Senator Mary Landrieu, the side that very few newspapers will tell about nor will they expose her for what she is!  It is up to “WE THE PEOPLE” of Louisiana to ensure that Senator Mary Landrieu does not go back to Washington, D.C. to keep hurting the very people she asked to vote for her!  Remember that if we all get high bills from our internet providers, chances are it is because of the action taken by Senator Mary Landrieu to place a TAX on the internet usage thus making it possible for only those with money to have that service and hurting those who go to the polls to vote for Senator Mary Landrieu only to find out she is AGAINST everything she says she is for, including helping the poor people, the ones who have elected her the last few elections!



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