Senator Mary Landrieu

January 23, 2013

Is she for the people or against them?




Leon Puissegur



We cannot express enough about just how or why Senator Landrieu sold her vote for $300,000,000.  Senator Landrieu states she did that because it was the only way to get some sort of money for Katrina or something to that affect.  But the question has been and always will remain just why did Senator Landrieu go against what over 73% of the people in Louisiana did not Want?  The majority did not want this Health care to be shoved down our throat when deals were made in back rooms and closed to the public.  Obama and Landrieu seem to have forgotten what the Constitution and the people want.  It is obvious that Senator Landrieu votes directly in line with the “Progressive” Democratic Party.  Here we have to clarify the meaning of “Progressive” and why it was switched from the original, “Socialist” Party.  This name change was done just to ensure that people did not keep hearing the words of Socialism.  They had decided to go with  “Progressive”  so people would not be shocked or brought to hate them for being Socialist and working against the Constitution as it was written.


Senator Mary Landrieu has voted along the lines of the “Progressive” party each time her vote was needed.  Senator Landrieu has dealt a serious blow to the faith of the people of Louisiana and those whom support her the most, the poor and the minorities are the very people that get hurt each time Senator Landrieu votes along the “Progressive” lines of the Socialist Democrat Party of whom 70 members have now gleefully shown they are proud members of the “Socialist” democratic Party which also states it is the “Progressive” party.


On March 26, 2012, Senator Landrieu voted Against a bill named, Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. “This bill would ease reporting and regulatory requirements for small businesses trying to raise capital in order to take the company public.” As shown by


Here she has shown that she votes against the removal of regulations that would help businesses to start up and thus employ more people.  Now why was that?  Simply put, Obama did not like the idea.


On December 3, 2012 Senator Mary Landrieu voted for the approval of a bill that would link the United States with a United Nations Disability treaty which would have given up the United States sovereignty or at least infringed upon it. 

Disability Treaty – Motion to Proceed – Vote Agreed to (61-36, 3 Not Voting)

The Senate agreed to proceed to consideration of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a United Nations treaty meant to outline the rights of disabled individuals and create a framework for implementing plans to protect those rights. The treaty contains language outlining the “general obligations” of signatory nations vis a vis their disabled citizens as well as sections on issues ranging from independent living to human dignity. There is currently an agreement in place to vote on ratification of the treaty on Tuesday, December 4.”


This treaty was not ratified and thank heavens because our nation would have had to oblige to what the United Nations decreed.  This is almost like an act of treason since this is in direct conflict with Senator Mary Landrieu’s Oath of office.  But it was not the first or last time that Senator Mary Landrieu has done this and it is the “opinion” of this writer that should she be elected she once again would continue to ignore the majority of Louisiana Citizens for the sake of those in certain areas of the state where she can pull the most votes.


In another area of great question, has anyone ever wondered just why is it that Senator Mary Landrieu has not held town hall meetings everywhere and when she does hold them, why is it in specific locations that few would be able to attend for fear of life or limb? 


The people of Washington, parts of St. Tammany, and Tangiphoa Parishes also have great questions to ask Senator Mary Landrieu, about why she made a statement at the Washington Parish Fair that she would get High Speed access to all areas of these Parishes when she knew before she spoke to them that no such deal was in the works and that AT7T would never allow those networks to be built just so AT&T could have first shot with their bundle programs!  Yes, Senator Mary Landerieu has helped, but it has not been to the benefit of the poor or to the people that have called and asked why they never got that High Speed service she had spoken of at the Washington Parish Fair.  If anything, Senator Mary Landrieu seems to be catering to the PACS in Washington, D.C. and forgetting about the people whom “voted” for her.  With this in mind, it should stand out that in 2014, it will be time to “Change” the Landrieu politics of the Louisiana Senate seat and replace her with an individual that will at least have a deep respect for the people that placed them in that office and not bow down to the president at every whim no matter who that may be!


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