Senator Mary Landrieu,Anti-Gun?

May 3, 2013


Leon Puissegur

It seems that Senator Mary Landrieu just does not understand what the Second Amendment means nor does she know just how to tell the truth! On the following site shown below Senator Mary Landrieu voted FOR the background check that really only applies to United States Citizens whom follow the law anyway, so why add to laws already on the books? In that vote, Senator Mary Landrieu voted for that form of background check. It is ironic that Senator Mary Landrieu had placed a statement that is contrary to the way she voted. On her web site Senator Mary Landrieu stated; “LANDRIEU VOTES TO STRENGTHEN SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS FOR LOUISIANIANS.”

Yet in earlier votes, Senator Mary Landrieu actually voted “for” the United Nations Small Arms treaty which would have given the Sovereignty to the United Nations. This is shown below;

“Anti-gun Mary Landrieu and Harry Reid voted wrong on both amendments — and even refused to join the eight Democrats who oppose the UN Arms Trade Treaty. This treaty could be self-executing and could, without further legislation, force the U.S. to implement gun registration and bans on semi-autos and handguns.” (

This was shown in an earlier article written –

Now should we trust Senator Mary Landrieu?  Well, Senator Mary Landrieu may have solved the entire Gun Control debate with the answer in a letter.  This is shown below. The Highlighted part is where Senator Mary Landrieu unknowingly shown just what she does not know.  Let us show you just what this is.  Senator Mary Landrieu stated;

“As many of our license plates say, Louisiana is a sportsman’s paradise. I admire and respect our state’s love of the outdoors, particularly hunting and fishing – both time honored sports and traditions. I firmly believe that the right to own firearms for any lawful purpose as expressed in the Second Amendment is resolute. In no way can we allow that right to be taken away or infringed upon. One sad reality, however, is that our country is plagued by gun violence and Louisiana has the nation’s highest death rate per capita by gunfire. Now is the time to consider solutions to the growing gun violence in our country while reinforcing our right as Americans to own guns for self-protection or sport.”

Here we see that Senator Mary Landrieu clearly states that;

“In no way can we allow that right to be taken away or infringed upon. One sad reality, however, is that our country is plagued by gun violence and Louisiana has the nation’s highest death rate per capita by gunfire.”

Here we have to state that Senator Mary Landrieu has this dead right, no pun intended, but her statement does not approach the problem and that is purely dynamic with the statistic she shows.  The fact that Senator Mary Landrieu seems to willingly leave out is that nearly some 90+percent of these acts of gun violence come directly from gang violence, drug violence and in low income areas. These FACTS are not discussed, but Senator Mary Landrieu has opened the door to show just what she seems to understand, that gun violence is a problem, but the action she has voted for would not stop a single act of this violence since well over 90+ percent of these gun violence crimes are either due to drugs or gang violence, yet Senator Landrieu or any other Senator for that fact wish to discuss this very real problem of all the “gun violence” Senator Mary Landrieu speaks of. Remember that Senator Mary Landrieu is a Democrat and as such, she is suppoosed to represent the “low income” people, but that is the group taht will be hurt the most!

Actually, Senator Mary Landrieu has maybe shown just what the real problem is and that is not the legally owned guns, but the criminals that use them and get the guns from the same place they get their drugs!  Now maybe Senator Mary Landrieu and the rest of the Senate and House should go after the drugs instead of the legal gun owners, they could maybe put a real dent in gun violence. By the way, most of the large cities in the United States has the very same problem with drugs and with the drugs comes the gun violence so it is very clear that gun violence could be curbed and maybe even stopped if they would enforce the drug laws and go after the drug dealers that bring in guns with their drugs!  This was proven by the failed Attorney General’s attempt to trace weapons they sold to drug lords and had one of those weapons used to kill a Border Patrol Agent.

The largest question jumps out at one when they read just this one paragraph, knowing that Senator Mary Landrieu did in fact vote for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which would have taken away the rights of all the Constitution.  That one question is, Senator Mary Landrieu, just how can you say you support the Constitution and the Second Amendment when each time a bill that “infringes” upon the Second Amendment comes up Senator Mary Landrieu seems to jump on the side AGAINST both?

In 2014, Louisiana has the opportunity to get rid of Senator Mary Landrieu and replace her with someone whom will not tow the line for the White House, the Democratic Party, or any group that does not honor the Second Amendment and Constitution!  This is up to the people of Louisiana and no other group should be considered next year and it is early to say this, but we believe that groups from outside Louisiana will be brought in to keep Senator Mary Landrieu in place since Senator Mary Landrieu holds the values that they want to “force” upon the people that Senator Mary Landrieu is supposed to represent!

Remember this in 2014!







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