Senator Mary Landrieu’s Interview, and Worth?

September 26, 2014

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How many times do we have to “SHOW” the blind what is in front of their face? How many times do we have to “Disclose” what Senator Mary Landrieu does and says are two entirely different objects? How many times do we have to “Open” Senator Landrieu’s “Pandora’s Box” before people finally wake up and say, “Now I Get IT!!!”


Just this week Bret Baier had both candidates on his show,(,  asking very though questions. Representative Bill Casidy was asked about the issues and economy and Rep. Bill Cassidy stated, “If the President has a hostility to the energy industry and also the maritime industry, and to the service industry, etc. People understand that is a war going on with our state. Senator Mary Landrieu supports 97% of the time.”  What Rep. Bill Cassidy states here can be backed up with Facts and it is very clear that Obama does not like nor does he want any new oil refineries or oil wells, and Obama is much worse on Coal and Natural Gas. And what Rep. Bill Cassidy states, is so very true, although Senator Mary Landrieu may vote for the Keystone Pipeline, she does so knowing full well that her vote don’t count.


Now let us go back to Senator Mary Landrieu and her statements on Breit Baier. Senator Mary Landrieu says, “I have done a huge amount of work for the people I represent for years…. I have been a very effective and strong voice for the energy industry in the Senate.”  “I have actually raised the support of the Keystone Pipeline from 3 to 11 and did everything I could to get a vote on the floor of the Senate. I can’t do anything more because I am not running the Senate, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell are running the Senate.”  Well here Senator Mary Landrieu is telling the truth, Senator Harry Reid is running the Senate and that is why the Keystone Pipeline and so many other oil, coal, and natural Gas bills are NOT being passed, due to Harry Reid stopping any vote on them according to what Obama asks Senator Harry Reid to do.


Now let us wonder back to Senator Mary Landrieu and what she said, “Harry Reid and Mitch McConnel run the Senate.” Now let us take a walk down memory lane back to Senator Mary Landrieu’s own Political Action Committee named, the JAZZ PAC.  Just take a quick look back to 2010 and under Recipients for the Senate scroll down to one name and see that Senator Mary Landrieu Contributed, that is paid money to Senator Harry Reid’s election to the sum of $10,000!

(See- )

Now this is pretty good since Senator Mary Landrieu has given support to the very man who stops any type of Bill from Senator Landrieu’s Energy Committee! Could this just be a small oversight by Senator Mary Landrieu, the fact that Senator Mary Landriue gave $10,000 to Senator Harry Reid back in 2010 for his election knowing full well that Senator Harry Reid would NEVER allow any of Senator Mary Landrieu’s bill leave the Energy Committee?  Senator Mary Landrieu knows this and she has no problem trading off the high cost of electric bills in Louisiana for support not just to Senator Harry Reid, but others who support Senator Harry Reid,, like Senator Barbara Boxer who Senator Landrieu gave $10,000 to, and let us not forget yet another individual who does not allow anything that Senator Landrieu sends out of her committee’s to be voted on, Like Senator Mark Begich who Senator Landrieu gave $5,000 to.  The list goes on and on with Senator Mary Landrieu smiling during the interview and saying she could not get anything done because of the very man she contributed campaign money to!


Senator Mary Landrieu went on to say; “No one could say that I have not done everything in my power to increase domestic energy production.” Now here it is evident that while she did in fact vote that way, she did so knowing that it was with her contributions that those whom opposed her votes were elected back into office!  Senator Mary Landrieu has given money to Max Baucus that seems to maybe over what she gave to others, her contribution to Max Baucus whom votes opposite to Senator Mary Landrieu, was some $20,000 as disclosed on her JAZZ PAC page of Recipients.

(See – )

Now we have shown just this but the most intriguing question has yet to be answered.


During this interview Senator Mary Landrieu was asked about her “Residence”. Her response seemed to echo Obama’s when he was caught in the headlights. It went like this;

“I am part owner of the house my mother lives in….” Senator Mary Landrieu did not really explain where she lives, only that she is “part owner” of the house she has chosen to use as her residence in her state. Senator Mary Landrieu was born in Virginia by the way, so maybe that is why she has the 2 million dollar home near Washington, D.C. where extravagant parties are held at.


Senator Mary Landrieu is quick to say that Rep. Bill Cassidy is a rich man and votes for the rich, yet if one goes and does some background checks on Rep. Bill Cassidy, they will find that he only has 1.2 million dollars in worth, that is some .8 million dollars less than Senator Mary Landrieu’s house! We have found that back in 2010 Senator Mary Landrieu was worth some 2.7 million dollars, and to top that off, she had a worth that was $100,000 more than the Senate Median back in 2010 so no telling how much she is worth today and maybe that is why Senator Mary Landrieu contributes to those who “run” the Senate, they take care of her and her wealth!  But in comparison to Rep. Bill Cassidy, Senator Mary Landrieu has some 1.5 million dollars more than Rep. Bill Cassidy, but that was back in 2010 so we should expect much more than that now, especially since she caved in on the Obamacare deal!



As can be seen here, although Senator Mary Landrieu would like for you to believe that she supports all those in Louisiana, she does not and this is displayed by the “Contributions” given to those whom in some instances she says stands in her way, yet she helped place them in a position to stand in her way! All this from Senator Mary Landrieu, a lady that was born in Arlington, Virginia, not Louisiana, so why should we expect any less from her, her heart is not really in Louisiana, but in Virginia, Arlington to be sure!

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