Senator Vitter Disappoints.

March 21, 2007
“this is a recipe for splitting the conservative vote and putting a Democrat in the White House”

While driving through the Delta yesterday I was able to listen to one of my favorite radio programs, the Moon Griffon Show. Senator David Vitter was the guest.

Sidebar: Ms. Ruth, Moon’s call screener, is the best, not to mention a whole bunch better looking than Moon, 😉 Moon should thank her everyday for helping to make his show such a success. (Ruth, I hope this makesup for yesterday.)

Senator Vitter announced that he is now supporting Rudy Giuliani for President. I am sorely disappointed.

Though I do have much respect for Mayor Giuliani, I am not ready to put the 2d Amendment at risk. Rudy looks more like a member of Gun Control, Inc, than a NRA supporter. I feel certain his attitude comes from a “city boy” mentality and I believe he is totally out of touch with anyone living outside the “city limits“.Some I have spoke with claim Newt Gingrich (a far better choice for President) has too much baggage to be a candidate. To that I would say, maybe, but he doesn’t tote near the baggage Rudy carries, and if Rudy can get his baggage onto “Air Force One”, Newt should have no problems.

Of course, the liberal media will be supporting Rudy far more than the more qualified Newt, another reason for concern for Vitter’s choice.

Then there is the Pro-Life coalition. I simply cannot see this group getting behind Rudy. His stance on abortion comes from Planned Parenthood, not Right to Life.

In my eyes, this is a recipe for splitting the conservative vote and putting a Democrat in the White House.

By declaring his support so early, Senator Vitter has given up any leverage he may have acquired when the race tightens. One has to wonder if Senator Vitter has higher aspirations, because his excuse of a “totally different election cycle” doesn’t hold that much water for me. Perhaps Vitter believes, given history, that a Northern presidential candidate needs a Southern running mate to pull-in the Southern vote. Perhaps, but I cannot see it, Vitter believes he is the man for the job, after all, Quayle was a virtual unknown, too.

With the candidacies of Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich still up in the air, Senator Vitter has made a foolish tactical error and the Louisiana conservative will take it on the chin, as will Senator Vitter in the next election.

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Didn't Vitter choose to defend the Bush Administration rather than investigate their response to Katrina? If my memory serves me correctly, he did. And if he did that, you have more to be disappointed about than his supporting Guiliani (the man who inexplicably placed the NYC Emergency Command Bunker next to the most targeted building in the most targeted city in America). Vitter strikes me as an embarrassment to the great state of LA - a completely undistinguished fence-sitting thumb-twiddler who has a record of defending incompetence and criminality in the federal government. I'm not from Louisiana but I'm a US taxpayer though so naturally I'm interested in holding those who spend my money accountable for their mistakes and it would have been nice if Vitter would have found his balls somewhere and voted to hold people accoutable instead of bending over for Bush yet again.

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