Senator Vitter endorses Billy Nungesser for Lt. Governor

September 2, 2011

U.S. Senator David Vitter announced yesterday that he endorses Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser for Lt. Governor. He said at a press conference at Mike Anderson’s Seafood Restaurant:

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“I’m endorsing Billy Nungesser for Lt. Governor, because I believe he’s the right person we need for the job,” said U.S. Senator David Vitter. “Billy’s a proven job creator and business leader. He’s a conservative reformer, whose focus is to protect Louisiana taxpayers.

“More importantly, Billy is a tested leader and tireless fighter whose resume includes helping lead rebuilding after the four hurricanes that hit Plaquemines Parish during his term as President. And he isn’t afraid to stand up to President Obama, the federal government or any private company to defend Louisiana.

“A staunch pro-life advocate and friend of our sportsmen – we need Billy Nungesser in Baton Rouge as our next Lt. Governor.”

Mr. Nungesser replied that he was happy to receive the endorsement because Senator Vitter recognizes his business successes, his dedication to our seafood industry, the oil industry and tourism as well as his dedication to protecting the rights of Louisiana citizens.

At a recent tea party meeting where Mr. Nungesser was a keynote speaker, one member spoke up and recognized Mr. Nungesser’s “tea party spirit” in standing up to Obama and this administration’s over-reaching growth during the oil spill crisis.

Mr. Nungesser’s statements at the press conference went hand in hand with the tea party movement’s mission to decrease taxes and spending.

For more information on Billy Nungesser, visit his website at

Priorities important for single father’s budget

The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL May 7, 2008 | Mary Ann Ford By Mary Ann BLOOMINGTON – Weekly ads have become Lawrence Tucker’s best friends.

“I’ve become a coupon cutter,” said the 28-year-old single father. “Mom always did it, but I never thought I would.” But as the cost of everything increases, Tucker said coupons help stretch his budget.

It’s even rubbed off on his son, Jake. The 5-year-old recently saw a camouflage car seat on sale in an ad and decided that’s what he wanted as a treat after he got his last in a series of childhood shots.

“All the money I make goes into the house and Jake,” Tucker said.

He bought his west side house about three years ago when the economy was better. He could get a good rate and wanted to give Jake some stability. go to web site free coupons for groceries

Heating bills for the two-story house have been challenging. Bills average about $1,300 for the five coldest months, so Tucker doesn’t pay until he gets his tax refund check. He said the late charges are worth not stressing about how to come up with the money each month.

He hopes next winter will be different. He recently got a new energy-efficient furnace through a grant from Bloomington’s Community Development Department.

Meanwhile, he’s slowly replacing light bulbs with energy- efficient compact fluorescents.

“I buy a couple when I can or when they’re on sale,” he said.

To further stretch the check he receives as a bill collector at AFNI, Tucker often buys store-brand products, especially soda. He sticks with name-brand paper products but tries to find coupons that help cut that cost.

To save gas, he shops at grocery stores near his Miller Park neighborhood or close to work. this web site free coupons for groceries

“I used to come home for lunch every day,” he said, often buying lunch on the way. Now he either skips lunch or takes a snack from home.

Having family in town also helps.

Tucker’s grandma and great-grandma watch Jake after school, saving the cost of a babysitter. His sister shops garage sales for some of Jake’s clothes; other family members hand down their kids’ clothes.

Recently, Tucker found a Cubs T-shirt that would have been perfect for Jake. But he couldn’t justify the price, so it went back on the store shelf.

Any extra cash goes for entertainment. Tucker has switched from buying new DVDs to getting used ones on the Internet. He also keeps an ear open for free activities for Jake.

“I don’t want him to suffer due to my financial struggles,” he said. “It’s just a matter of getting creative. We go to the park a lot and also take advantage of the arena. They have half-price ticket night on Friday.

“I try to maximize my budget as best I can,” he said.

— Lawrence Tucker Eats meals at home Uses coupons for groceries and paper products Opens the windows and turn on fans instead of running A/C Takes advantage of free activities for children Buys used DVDs Mary Ann Ford


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