Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

June 23, 2011

The list of candidates vying for the Republican nomination for POTUS is long and will probably grow larger before it’s all over. How then can we separate the wheat from the chaff or in political terms separating the statesman from the politician? I am by no means a single issue voter but there is one issue that clearly defines whether a candidate is of, by and for the people and which ones are politicians. That issue is how they view taxes and our system of collecting it.
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A politician will seek to keep the present system because it represents not so much revenue collection but control over the actions of the populace through the tax code as evidenced by the fact that politicians will borrow, print and spend no matter what the tax revenues are. Their appetite for spending someone else’s money is insatiable. The tax code is a means to an end and is the reason we have so many lobbyist. These people lobby members of our government for preferential tax treatment to benefit their clients which in turn find varying portions of that benefit returned to the politician in the form of contributions all at the expense of the taxpayer and consumer. There will never be enough revenue to support their spending habits. The only way to stop this systemic corruption is to change the system itself.

The fact that Herman Cain fully supports the “Fair Tax Plan” is evidence of statesmanship and not just another politician. This makes him stand out above the others and worth serious consideration. He is the only candidate that shows an understanding that our current tax system is at the heart of the corruption, fraud and waste in our government and the need to replace it with a system that transfers that power out of Washington and back to the people is of paramount importance. The benefits of the Fair Tax to this country’s economy and to the prosperity of the people are enormous. I will endeavor to explain those benefits in more detail in other posts. A politician will talk of changing this or that about the current system but never about replacing it with a system that devolves their power. The last thing a politician wants is for their apple cart to be upset. They are counting on the fact that they have through their control of education dumbed down enough people that are willing to believe their spin, after all they are the government and they only want to help you.

Thomas Jefferson once stated, “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny”. The IRS represents the government as does many other agencies and departments which share a specific trait, fear. Who among us would not tremble with fear if they received any correspondence from the IRS? Whether you filled out everything needed correctly to the best of your knowledge and ability you could still be found lacking on something depending on someone’s interpretation of a rule that could have many interpretations. Not to mention all the time and effort lost pleading your case to prove your innocence. Fear is power, fear is control. Is this not the tyranny of fear Mr. Jefferson was speaking of? This is precisely why the current system must be abolished and replaced. I just hope Mr. Cain explains the importance and the benefits of doing so more frequently and passionately.

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