Sex, Drugs, And Rock’n Holden?

September 10, 2008

Last month Baton Rouge was treated to a good round of laughs when a political mailer was sent out to some voters in Baton Rouge, depicting our good mayor with an obviously doctored photo of the mayor with a black eye and a fat lip. It accused our mayor of getting caught with a married woman by her husband, getting beat up by the husband, and running out of the house pulling up his pants as the woman stood in the doorway stark naked. It was more funny than damaging.

But Mayor Holden didn’t find it funny and began to hunt for the perpetrators who told this story. I found it curious and began to ask around and comments I heard was “Absolutely true, every damn word of it.” in almost every circumstance. Apparently it’s common knowledge that Kip likes women a lot.

Still, there hasn’t been credible witnesses that has come forwarded and so the story just sort of died with people accepting that the mayor has extra-marital affairs. I guess that’s the end, right? Maybe not.

In tonight’s city council meeting, Councilman Wayne Carter brought to the attention a certain 400 + days that Mayor Rockip Holden has paid bodyguards for protection between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am, even though these mayorial events never show up on the Mayor’s calender.

You see, Kip Holden has been spending approximately one out of every four nights out with body guards between the hours on 10 pm and 2 am. ONE OUT OF EVERY FOUR NIGHTS BETWEEN 10PM and 2AM. What’s more is that he hasn’t been putting these events that he’s been attending on his mayorial schedule. There’s no explanation why the mayor needs body guards between 10 pm and 2 am one out of every four nights that he was mayor.

Maybe Mayor Rockip Holden likes to go out dancing one out of every four nights and takes his wife with him. Maybe, but ask yourself this, if the mayor feels comfortable enough to be out after 10 pm 1 out of every 4 nights, does he really need to be spending that money on body guards? Is he putting these officers at an unnecessary risk of getting hit by a drunk driver by being out between 10 pm and 2 am one out of every four nights?

Is he getting drunk and he needs the police officers with him to make sure he’s driven home safely? Is he out picking up women, getting them naked, and giving them some… well a reason to vote for him?

And what exactly is wrong with our city council when they don’t want to investigate why the mayor is using body guards between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am one out of every four nights that he’s been mayor? Are our council members protecting something more? Are they involved in this? Do they have secrets that they don’t want to get out?

Maybe I’m completely wrong and he’s not really a sex and party Mayor. Maybe, but I’d like to ask you, our readers, why do you think Mayor Kip Holden has been spending 1 out of 4 nights out with his body guards, paying excessive overtime to them, so he can go out between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am?

UPDATE: Old River Road makes the case for Holden here.


Albany Times Union (Albany, NY) January 2, 1997 Byline: HENRY SHEEHAN The Orange County Register While she can’t be said to have done it totally successfully, in “The Mirror Has Two Faces,” Barbra Streisand does grapple with one of film’s most enduring — and vexing — questions: What constitutes beauty? in our site black swan movie

As far as most filmmakers are concerned, of course, the question is answered, at least when it comes to women. A beautiful woman is one with certain physical attributes — thick hair, a small nose, ripe lips and a curvaceous figure. Blond hair helps — particularly in the United States — but isn’t absolutely required.

To prove the truism that physical appearance is paramount when it comes to an actress’s success, one has only to look back over the careers that were powered exclusively by looks (Lana Turner, Hedy Lamarr) and the critical hurrahs that greet the appearance of a beautiful woman who can also act (Jessica Lange, Sophia Loren), as if the latter were some sort of unexpected bonus.

Streisand’s efforts to overturn this convention are undone by her ambivalence over her own looks. For the first half of the movie, she seems to insist her character, Rose, is not good-looking enough to compete on a purely superficial level with the gorgeous students in the math class of her husband, Gregory. If the playing field were more level, and personality, brains and compatibility were the criteria, then she’d win hands down.

That’s an appealing argument, and Streisand, who has been preoccupied with her looks to varying degrees throughout her career, is a perfect candidate to make it.

The problem may be that so much of the movie-going experience is rooted in enticements. It gives us a world where the exceptional is everyday. Beauty is commonplace and we’re invited to gaze upon it undisturbed.

Take, for example, another movie that opened recently, “The English Patient.” Even before the movie officially opened, it became clear that men and women were having extremely different reactions to the story of adulterous romance in the North African desert circa 1938.

The difference seems to be Ralph Fiennes, the English actor who came to the notice of American audiences with his role as a death-camp commandant in “Schindler’s List.” “The English Patient” is his first romantic leading part, and while his extremely reserved and muted acting style isn’t doing much to evoke a characterization, his physical presence is enough to provoke reactions from women. Men are waiting for Fiennes to go off and do something; for women Fiennes is doing all he has to: He’s being beautiful. go to site black swan movie

Last spring’s “The Truth About Cats & Dogs” featured Janeane Garofalo as a radio talk-show host so nervous about her looks that she has a model friend, played by Uma Thurman. Of course Garofalo isn’t plain; she’s cute. So the filmmakers put her hair up; presto chango, we accept she’s not good-looking.

For more proof, check out Alfred Hitchcock’s restored masterpiece, “Vertigo.” He thought he found his perfect woman in Grace Kelly and is said to have been devastated when she decided to give up show business for a life as a wealthy princess.

“Vertigo” was one of the results of that disappointment. James Stewart stars as a detective who is paid to keep a beautiful blond woman, Madeleine, from committing suicide. He fails, suffers a breakdown and then much later comes across a brunette woman, Judy, in the street.

Played by Kim Novak (also the film’s Madeleine), Judy succumbs to Stewart’s persistent seductions, and then finds herself in the grip of a makeover to end all makeovers.

What was neurosis to Hitchcock is simply business as usual to most filmmakers.


IN HOLLYWOOD, the standards for feminine beauty are pretty much, well, standard, so when Barbra Streisand made an ugly-duckling-turned-swan movie (“The Mirror has Two Faces”) her own ambiguity about her looks came through. Meanwhile, men and women are having different reactions to Ralph Fiennes as “The English Patient”: men want him to do something, women think he’s doing enough.

cup of joe
cup of joe

Holden is nothing more than a seasoned politician who successfully turned some heads away from the real facts. His goal of trying to focus on the source of the flyer vs the truth of the flyer seems to have worked for those whose head is in the sand. Others of us are not so easily convinced.

Kurt Hellmann
Kurt Hellmann

Don't much care if the Mayor has one night out on the town each week. What I do care about is conservatives putting their best foot forward when speaking and writing. When we don't, people don't take us seriously. Take the time to proof your work, it will pay off.


Kurt, let's not change the subject. The question was not "Do you like my grammer?" or "are there any grammer police out there?" The question Kurt is "why do you think Mayor Kip Holden was using body guards between the hours on 10 pm and 2 am once every four days at the city's expense?"


Charlie, I hope I am off base, I hope I am completely wrong... so there must be a reasonable explanation why Mayor Holden has been spending 1 out of every 4 nights that he was mayor with city payed body guards without putting these times on his mayorial event scheduler. I'm simply asking for a reasonable explanation.

Kurt Hellmann
Kurt Hellmann

My God man, do you not proof your work? The grammar is atrocious.

Charlie Buras
Charlie Buras

Jeff, I have a great deal of respect for you and we normally line up on the same side of an issue, but in this case I think you're way off base.

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