She Got Outed!

March 20, 2007

After lying time and time again to the Louisiana Public about staying in the race, Kathleen Blanco today dropped out. Unfortunately for Louisiana, she also promised to finish off her term. God help us. It is much expected that former US Senator John Breaux, a Liberal who has successfully portrayed himself as a moderate, is expected to get announce his intentions.

John Breaux, a former Louisiana resident, wants to move back to Louisiana, establish residence, break the rules of the Louisiana constitution, and run for governor. Here is the Republican response. Other Liberals looking to represent the Democrat party as a moderate could be Representative Charlie Melancon, , and Mitch Landrieu.
On a more serious note, this is a significant blow to Bobby Jindal who is still considered the front runner. Bobby Jindal’s support has more to do with people admitting they made a mistake when they voted for Kathleen Blanco. With KBB in the race, Jindal had an opportunity to win the election during the jungle primary, but now much of his support will dissipate.

This opens the door for other Republican candidates, Boasso and Georges. T. Lee Horne, who has been campaigning vigourously for the past couple of years could pick up additional support.

Who it hurts are candidates that are running on the Democrat ticket because this gives the Democrat party a chance to rally around one of their superstars and go into the general election a solidified party. The real question is, can the Democrats overcome the overwhelming incompetence of the Blanco administration? Me thinks if the Democrats are going to put all their eggs in a basket, they better take care of that basket.

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