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June 20, 2011

Recently in a simple dinner conversation with my family about world problems my crazy Uncle Craig chimed in and said, “Look I’ve got three excellent solutions for some of the country’s biggest problems. The federal government will jump all over it, and it isn’t a bad idea, although it sounds crazy. I can solve the unemployment problems, the immigration problems, and Florida’s alligator problems all at once. And the answer is, a moat.” Now this is where I chime in with a few strong words about how absolutely ridiculous he is and how he needs to find a different person to share that with, but he went on to further explain. He said, “Look, all we need is to start a corporation, get it involved with someone in the white house, and ask for three hundred million stimulus dollars ($300,000,000). Then hire all of the laid-off employees around the nation, and have them digging a moat on the border of Mexico,¬†moving the water from the Gulf and Pacific, and transporting alligators from Florida into the moat, and the Gulf and Pacific mouths of this man-made river. We could call it the Mexican Canal. In fifteen years when the mote is completed, we can keep those people, and more, working and follow China by building a Great Wall of America right beyond it. And if the Feds will not buy into my idea, I know how to make bombs!” My grandfather yelled at him for a few minutes while we all laughed.
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Now this would be really, really funny… If it wasn’t such a great idea. But let’s take a more serious look at the matters at hand. Although immigration isn’t the most prominent in Louisiana, seeming that we border no other countries, we still have a large working group of illegal immigrants who are taking up jobs. You know your Uncle Steve who lost his job last year really had his American dream taken by someone who isn’t even an American. He had a job stolen from him that could be used to at least keep his family fed and his bills paid. Instead he is using food stamps and welfare provided by the federal government, which you might know as: YOUR TAX MONEY.

The economy is WAY down and steadily declining due to the Obama administration; we know it will only get worse if he is reelected. Yes, we will hope for the best, being that he won’t be reelected, but we need to be prepared for the worst.

So what must we do to get rid of the illegals that we have, or at least make them real citizens? Hire more police enforcement directly dealing with illegals? Borrow the Federal Government’s negligible money to give them free citizenship? Have the military search and destroy them like they did Osama? Hmmm… The third choice just seems a little, I don’t know, unconstitutional.

So let’s try something that seems to work just about every time. Why don’t we make employers do a legitimate background check on their employees in the state of Louisiana to make sure that they are 1. Legal, and 2. Qualified for the job. Then if an employee is found to be illegal, the employer can be held responsible for making them legal citizens or firing them.

As soon as a law like this is implemented, the number of illegals will go down in Louisiana. When the employers begin firing the illegal immigrant employees, it opens up those jobs for Uncle Steve and most other unemployed Americans. It’s a simple tactic that really makes sense if you think about it for merely ten seconds.

This will take care of the immigration problems in Louisiana, and begin to create more jobs. Don’t get me wrong, this is only a starting point to pulling the economy back to it’s feet. We’re pulling some of the dirt from the surface and putting it in the bottom of the hole that we were put in. With many baby steps, starting with this one, we can bring this whole nation to it’s feet. If we present this idea, Texas will see it, even if it isn’t passed, and they will try, and New Mexico will try, and Arizona will try to pass it. As for California- they can have the illegals; they fit in perfectly.

Now when it comes to the alligators in Florida? That is Florida’s business. They will take care of them as they see fit. Although I don’t mind sending some of my friends down there a good alligator recipe or two.

-Connor Lloyd

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