Silence Is Approval

April 24, 2013

gkg2It may prove to be the American crime story of the decade, maybe even of the century, but if you are to ask the average person who Kermit Gosnell is they would just shrug. More than likely, when you tell people about Kermit Gosnell, you’re the first time they have heard of him. We have kept this story hidden away, hoping that history never uncovers the dark, seedy story of a Cuban-like healthcare system, a live baby swimming in toilets, and abortions that make coat hangers look like an advanced technology. Think I’m exaggerating? It’s actually worse than I described.

It’s not an issue of a woman’s choice, as even self described pro-choicers have denounced Kermit Gosnell. If this is the first time that you have heard of Kermit Gosnell, you have to be thinking to yourself, if it’s really that bad, why haven’t I heard about it on the news?

You are right, you’re not hearing about this on the news. The grim details, the story of the Mother’s Day massacre in which 15 women lost their lives due to abortions performed by Kermit Gosnell in the early 70s. Lawsuit after lawsuit filed against Gosnell for wrongful death after a woman died shortly after having an abortion done by Gosnell. The babies who were delivered and then had the backs of the necks snipped.

Perhaps it would have been much different if the women who were dying at the hands of Gosnell were white women, maybe then the mainstream media would have been outraged. Maybe they would have been appalled at the barbaric practices of Gosnell. What if Gosnell had been a white doctor who had killed at least 60 women that were minority? Would the press then sell this story because they could sensationalize “racism”?

Gosnell ProfileIt’s been such a non-story for the Mainstream Media that when they were forced to report on it by twitter users, their reports often mocked the groundswell of demand with stories not about Gosnell, instead of how the press overlooked Gosnell.

After looking at the facts, it’s hard not to conclude that Kermit Gosnell may be the greatest serial killer of all time, getting his victims in each of the last four decades. After looking at the facts, it’s hard to imagine that we hold a higher standard of medicine for a doctor who saves lives and no standards for doctors who take lives.

Over the past week, the press has been preoccupied with stories on the Boston Marabombers, and rightfully so. It shook us, it reminded us of 9-11, it shut down a whole city, and it reminded us how deadly terrorist can be. It struck a chord with every American who was alive on 9-11, but for those who wished the Kermit Gosnell story would go away, it was an evil blessing in disguise.

The defense has rested its case today, and now the jury goes into the room and becomes 12 angry men. For two years this story has managed to evade being National news, and as the case closes, it’s very likely that most people will never hear of Kermit Gosnell. There is always hope Lifetime will do a movie on him, might I suggest a title? “Hells Angel: The Kermit Gosnell Story”.

It’s hard to imagine that if pro-choice advocates condemn this man for his actions as do the pro-life advocates, then certainly those in the middle would be equally appalled. Perhaps the Main Stream Media doesn’t want you to know, maybe they think you can’t handle the truth, maybe they just don’t think you’re interested in the story. Whatever their reason, by default, they consent to Gosnell’s House of Horrors. After all, silence is approval. Or as Edmund Burke is known for stating “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to say nothing.”

Add to all that you’ve read so far, consider this, Kermit Gosnell also worked one day a week at Atlantic Women’s Medical Center in Maryland. AWMC’s owner is Leroy Brinkley, and Brinkley also owns Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. According to USA Today, there is no “oversight” at the Delaware clinic that Kermit Gosnell worked at. Making matters a little closer to home for people in Baton Rouge, Gosnell’s co-defendant Eileen O’Neill got her job with Gosnell after working at the Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge.

This begs two questions, just how close were Gosnell and Brinkley (owner of Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge) and how effective is Louisiana state’s oversight on abortion clinics in Louisiana?

Stay silent if you must, but I… I can not, I will not stay silent. I will do my part to bring this to people’s attention. Abortion has not been my issue, and this isn’t about abortion. Shouldn’t women who are getting an abortion know, at least, that their provider is held to a higher standard than their tattoo artist? Regardless of how you feel about abortion, this is a case that we all should be united on. I hope you choose not to consent with silence, but instead to speak out against this barbarism. Help spread the word.

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