Sneaky Sneaky Don “Couillon” Cazayoux

June 17, 2008

While most Louisiana voters were up in arms over the legis pay raise debacle, Don “Couillon” Cazayoux was getting ready to do speaking out of his own. While you weren’t looking, Don “Couillon” Cazayoux came out strongly for higher gas prices when he endorsed Barack Obama. As many of you already know, the only thing Barack Obama doesn’t like about these high gas prices is that they ‘went up to quickly’.

Now it’s one thing for our left wing Louisiana bloggers who, whenever a Democrat speaks, to drop to their knees and pucker up while scrutinizing Bobby Jindal so much that they’ll worry if he blinks incorrectly, but Don Cazayoux pretends to be conservative while being a far left candidate. In fact, Don Cazayoux is so far to the left that he votes with the Democrats 92.5% of the time… and you were duped into believing he was a conservative?

From the Washington Post

Donald Cazayoux has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 92.5% of the time during the current Congress. This percentage does not include votes in which Cazayoux did not vote.

And just think, he told us all along that he wanted to go to Washington to represent Louisiana, but, as it turns out, he’s going up there to raise taxes and stick government into every aspect of your life.

He voted YES on House Resolution 1258 (The Kucinich Privilege Resolution) to impeach George Bush. Really, doesn’t Don Cazayoux have anything more important he can think about doing in congress (Katrina/Rita recovery) to spend George Bush’s final year in the Whitehouse trying to impeach him? Cripes, I hope Don “Couillon” Cazayoux isn’t as crazy as Kucinich is.

Don might be sneaky, sneaky, but were still watchin, watchin.


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