So This Is The Democrat Party?

May 16, 2013

IRScandalI have a question for Democrats… actually, I have a few.

Are you such a racist that you will make the color of Obama’s skin more important than the content of his administration’s character?

I mean to say, do you still stand with Obama knowing that he was targeting people of different political beliefs, possibly your friends and family? If George Bush used the IRS to target liberal political groups, would you be okay with that? Are you willing to stand with future Presidents who target political groups, even ones you may agree with? If not, then why are you willing to stand with Obama? What really matters to you? Is the Democrat party so wonderful that they can do no wrong in your eyes? If it’s not the party, then is it the color of his skin?

Do you still believe Barack Obama is some intelligent man, so much smarter than George W. Bush? If so, then would you have accepted George Bush’s answer to the invasion of Iraq if he answered it with “I found out about it on Friday while reading the Newspaper.”  If Dick Cheney’s answer to interrogation tactics (torture) had been “I don’t know”, “I don’t know who authorized that”, “I wasn’t made aware”, “I haven’t been given the information on that”, and/or “We’re still investigating”, would you have found those to be acceptable answers?Obanixon

Let me remind you that I specifically remember criticisms of George Bush, such as criticizing him for reading to children for an extra five minutes instead of putting on his cape and flying to New York City to put out the fires at the twin towers. How he wasn’t in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, but instead was one state over in Texas playing a guitar. I remember you Liberals being highly offended that George Bush spied on enemies of our country, but are you offended that Barack Obama used the IRS to harass and intimidate people who love this country because they love this country? Do you approve of this Obama nation?

How do you put you’re head on a pillow at night and sleep knowing that through the Bush years, the word Nazi and Hitler flowed through your lips with such ease for people who disagreed with you, but now that it’s been revealed that Obama used the IRS to target Jewish groups, Nazi is not a word you would use? How do you sleep knowing that you’re credibility has gone away? How do you sleep knowing that a man you probably have never even met and barely know targets people you do know, have grown up with, your friends and family, all because they may or may not have the right political belief?

Are you fine with Hillary Clinton’s answer on Benghazi? Do you agree with her when she said “What difference at this point does it make”? If you think that’s an acceptable answer, then I would like to answer a few questions for you.

Q: “What weapon was used in the Sandy Hook shooting?”

A: “What difference at this point does it make?”

Q: “Where are the WMD’s”

A: “What difference at this point does it make?”

Q: “Who shot JFK?”

A: “What difference at this point does it make?”

Q:  “Did George Bush screw up the economy?”

A: “What difference at this point does it make?”

Now that I’ve answered some of your questions for you, questions you have been mulling for a long time, allow me to entertain one more question and that is this: “Why exactly are you a Democrat?” Is it because you believe in Freedom of speech so much that you’re willing to throw one man in jail for making an offensive video in order to protect the free speech exercise of protesters in Benghazi that killed four American citizens?

APSCandalDo you believe in freedom of Press so much that you don’t mind Obama’s administration spying on the AP to ensure that the media is doing their job properly? And what should the Obama administration do with members of the media who aren’t doing their job as approved by the President? Should they be thrown in jail? Should they be executed?

Are you a Democrat because you believe that punishing some and rewarding others based only on economic standing or political beliefs is some how “fairness”? Are you a Democrat because you trust big government and believe that these scandals are a good reason to expand the scope of government power and in doing so puts more power in the hands of the President. Or are you a Democrat because unlike most people who are informed, you really have no idea what’s going on?

Are you a Democrat because you are so full of hate for Republicans? Look at your party, take a close look. If you can’t give an answer to why you’re a Democrat, let me give you a couple of answers that’s suitable for the Democrat Party.

“What difference at this point does it make?”
“I don’t know”
“I don’t have that information”
“I found out on Friday that I was a Democrat through the news reports”.

This is the administration you hold up as intelligent. Bush was the President you said was stupid. At least George Bush knew what was going on in his administration, Obama doesn’t. That’s what you call intelligent. Now we know your intelligence.

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