Soldiers’ Angels (video must watch)

February 23, 2008

I know my readers (from Kiss My Gumbo) expect a daily dose of humor, snark and positive. After all, I am the self-proclaimed “Princess of Positive. This weekend I would like to take the opportunity to encourage and inspire you to do more as an American than wonder about that missing yellow ribbon magnet that said, “I support the troops” (probably at the car wash with the gazillion others). I may like to laugh and be silly, but this weekend I am working on my serious side. I am privileged to be a part of Soldier’s Angels and was invited to attend our first ever conference in Pasadena. I have wiped many tears from my face this weekend as we all continue to share our stories and inspire each other to do even more. And please don’t tell me you are too busy – no excuses!

Watch the VIDEO HERE

I am hanging out with many of the greatest Americans in the world: Patriot Guard Riders, Order of the Purple Heart, Gold Star Parents, American heroes, other angels. I promise to help you along as you decide how you can get your “Angel Wings” and start making a difference today. You can stop over to the main site and adopt a soldier (we have 700 soldiers waiting to be adopted) or join one of the many different teams with all levels of involvement. Or you stop on over to the Louisiana site , which I run, for the watered down version of the main site.Please do something today!!! Our heroes fight for your freedom, they are our responsibility and volunteers do make a difference! YOU can make the difference in the life of a American Hero!

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Liberals To Oppose Ashcroft see here christmas card sayings

AP Online January 9, 2001 | LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer AP Online 01-09-2001 Liberals To Oppose Ashcroft

WASHINGTON (AP) — Liberal groups said Tuesday they will work together against John Ashcroft, President-elect Bush’s choice to head the Justice Department.

The foes include advocates of gun control, abortion rights, gays and lesbians and the environment, many of whom also opposed Ashcroft during his five statewide races in Missouri.

“John Ashcroft’s views on a range of issues that would be the subject of his work as attorney general are simply too extreme,” said Wade Henderson of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. The former GOP senator and governor, Henderson added, “should not be invested with the responsibility of guaranteeing justice for all.” site christmas card sayings

A Republican coalition working to blunt criticism of Bush’s Cabinet picks countered: “For these groups, anyone to the right of Ted Kennedy would be considered too extreme.”

The Judiciary Committee expects to begin hearings early next week. Tough questioning awaits Ashcroft, said Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

“In his case, it’s primarily a question of whether Senator Ashcroft is able to enforce laws that he has publicly disagreed with,” Daschle said.


Thank you, Greta, for what you are doing. My brother-in-law is in the Marine Corps, and served two tours in Iraq. Anyone who works so hard to support our country's millitary earns my respect and admiration.

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