Soldiers Angels

December 30, 2007

As many of you already know Greta, who contributes to Louisiana Conservative, also runs Soldiers Angels Louisiana, which is associated with Soldiers Angels. Which is what I wanted to talk to you about. Or at least write about. Strike that, there’s a story that I want to tell you about. Blech, I can’t get words to work right for me today.
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As you already are aware, I spent my Christmas in Nashville with my wife. We went to go see the Nashville Predators take on the L.A. Kings, met President Abe Lincoln, and went shopping at the Opryland mall. This is where I refer to Man Law.

Man Law # 26 — Anytime sports is on tv, stop what you are doing immediately and start watching
Man Law #38 — Real men don’t shop. If wife takes you to mall, find electronics section and refer to Man Law #26

For you women doubters out there, it’s right there in woman law too!

Woman Law Chapter 3:18  — Girl, if your man enjoys shopping for clothes more than you, break up with him. Trust us, you are not his type.

So needless to say, when we hit the clothes section, I had to go wandering around to see if I could somehow, someway, defer to Man Law #26, and of course a fat guy like myself finds the food court. You know that’s not in man law to look for the food court, and there’s never a television in the food court, but I guess we somehow expect one to miraculously show up there.

So my journey to find an electronics store led me down the hallways, using my manly sense, I found some electronics, video camera, music, even gadgets that I have no clue to what their called. I was in my comfortable place, I was home. So I quickly found the television and there was a woman singing her Christmas carols, underneath the t.v.s, the same lady was singing away. Of course in man tradition, I started to move around. I guess my man instincts took over and I started to look for the remote control, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but I started to explore what was going on. I wanted to know why they were filming this woman, and why was she on tv too instead of the game? I could see her and watch them game right? But this story takes a more serious turn.

I noticed a logo that caught my attention. Just a couple of days earlier, Greta had given me a Soldiers Angels hat and that logo that I saw was the same logo on my hat. So I went to the booth and asked what the set up was for.  The lady was more than happy to tell me what they were doing.

They were in the Opryland mall filming families with soldiers overseas and letting them send their Christmas greetings to Afghanistan and Iraq for free. Suddenly my Christmas had a different outlook. What a great reminder of what’s important, during Christmas time. While I’m going through the excruciating pain of having to go to clothing stores with my wife, soldiers are out there putting their life on the line, patrolling, far away from their families, and they weren’t home for Christmas. For them, duty called, but most certainly they’d rather be in the mall with their wife in a clothing store.

God bless the soldiers, God bless the Soldiers Angels, and folks, help them out.

Soldiers Angels Louisiana

Soldiers Angels 

Greta Perry
Greta Perry

For one, I am glad you ain't that metrosexual type dude. For two, glad to know someone who gets the whole Soldiers' Angels (or whatever support the troops organization you contribute to). Now let's get everyone to participate in Operation Overseas Mardi Gras!

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