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December 29, 2009

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In recent weeks I have noticed a trend in the Right, one that is very similar to the trend on the Left. Call it want you want, group think, sheeple, blind leading the blind. On health care, if you asked anybody on the Right what they like about it, they can’t say anything good. On the Left, they can’t say anything bad. That’s fine to be opposed or for somethng as long as you understand why. But can either side tell you why they believe what they believe concerning health care?

I understand exactly why I’m opposed to it, and I can tell you why certain things with the healthcare bill are going to be detrimental to our health care industry. Forcing health insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions is taking away an incentive for healthy people to purchase insurance and will cause people to wait until they become sick with a catastrophic illness before they buy insurance. That in itself will cause health insurance premiums to sky rocket. Forcing people to buy health insurance is another piece of the legislation that’s going to cause health insurance premiums to sky rocket, but more importantly, the federal government is now compelling people to chose buying health care insurance over putting food on their own tables. It’s going to affect other industries that are near necessities that people chose over purchasing health insurance. For example, people might forgo their cellphone, dvd’s, computers. When they buy food, they’ll more likely buy cheaper foods, so restaurants and organic food markets will feel the affects of it. There will be a ripple effect throughout the entire economy. And as for government subsidizing for certain people? Well, again, government must first get money before they spend money, and that money must first come out of the market before it goes back into the market.

The more we tax the rich, the less incentive there is for people to become rich. We keep talking about taxing the rich as if that’s an endless resource, but the maximum you can tax the rich will occur long before it reaches 100% of their income. If you made a million dollars, and the government taxes you 90% at that point, then wouldn’t you be better off making $800,000? Over taxation of the rich will lead to them earning less, and investing less to insure they don’t meet a breaking point. Taxes on the rich must be reasonable, and taxes on the middle class must be equally reasonable.

One of my sayings is “If I can convince you, good, if you can convince me, even better”. I tell myself this because it doesn’t matter what your views are, if you will not listen to other people’s ideas, why should anybody listen to yours? It’s much better to be a reasonable extremist, than an unreasonable moderate. You have to be willing to work with other people, people who have difference’s of opinion than you do. People, who don’t necessarily agree with you on every issue. This is what is wrong with the Democrat party, they are going full force into this health care reform, and are completely unwilling to listen to the 55% who disagree with them. When they go out for their re-election, why would people listen to them then, when they are so unwilling to listen to the people now? It seems the Democrat party motto is, “Arrogance is a terrible thing to waste”.

It was in 1994 that one person had a major impact on my life. I can’t tell you his name, not because it’s a secret, but because I don’t remember his name. In fact, I’ve met him only one time and the only thing I can tell you about him is that he was bald, black, and Jewish. I remember when I was talking to him I said something about then President Clinton, something along the lines about how bad Clinton was. He said to me “I don’t want to hear your complaints, I want to hear your solutions”, and that forever changed my life. Yes we all must be able to identify the problems, but what good is it to identify the problems when you offer no solutions?

It seems to me that the Right, not the Republican party, has fallen into that trap. It seems to me that there’s a litmus test, that you must agree with Glenn Beck, and everything else they say, or you’re not with them. You’re a part of the Republican establishment, you’re a part of the problem, but I fail to hear their solutions. You see, when they started to alienate me and my ideas, they in the end alienated theirselves from me. I’m not a fan of Glenn Beck, and quite frankly, what solutions does he offer up? The 9-12 project? Yippie, let’s all dress our selves up in Patriotic colors and repeat after me “I’m holier than thou”… and let’s be no different in principle than the Washingtonians. Don’t get me wrong, a good rally is great, but I want to hear your solutions. If you were in power, what would you do, why would you do it, and how is that going to make our lives better? Why exactly do we need to change the party that’s in power, and what are the potential consequences of the change you would make? Does anybody think things through anymore? Certainly the Democrats in power aren’t thinking things through, but are the people who oppose them doing any thinking as well?

What good would it do if we made enemies out of our potential allies? Why on earth would we be criticizing the people as being stupid, or sheeple, or condemning them for not agreeing with us? We need to reach out to the moderates and Democrats because surely they are many among them that are equally dismayed by the Democrats in Washington. Why would they listen to us, when we won’t listen to them? Why would anybody listen to us, if we can’t articulate our beliefs, and only greet their questions with insults?

For what it’s worth, I will continue to reach out to the Republican party, to Independents, and even Democrats. I’d rather work with them, my potential allies, people I can agree with on many other issues, and work with them on those issues we agree on. It’s not selling out, it’s working towards solutions, solutions I can agree with. For those purist out there, for you, regardless of your beliefs, Right, Left, In the middle, however you identify your self, really doesn’t matter. When you wake up on an island by yourself, you may have been right, but you will have accomplished nothing. In the end, the Democrat party might get health care legislation passed, but people will have such a seething hatred of them, it will take a very long time for the Democrat party to rebuild itself.

So, here’s the question, what are your solutions, and how is that going to make things better?


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