Some Things That Annoy Me

July 6, 2012

One of the most annoying things I find from Leftist is when they say the “Rich don’t pay their fair share”. Really? People who don’t pay anything in taxes should not be saying that people who do pay taxes aren’t paying their fair share. What are they asking, that we take note in how much they pay and raise their taxes rates if they pay nothing? And what do we do? Rightfully so, we defend the rates of people who already pay taxes because we understand that if they are giving more money to government, they have less money to start businesses and create jobs. What we fail to do is argue back that we shouldn’t just single out the people who have achieved their dreams, but we should treat all people equally. That if the rich aren’t paying “their fair share”, then those who are paying nothing obviously need to start paying “their fair share” as well. Oops, did I just point out hypocrisy of the Left.

Don’t give me this whiny line that I don’t care about the poor. What, you think you’re so special that the only people on the planet who care about the poor are you and your friends? How self righteous of you. Nobody wants to look in our nation and see starving children, except for Liberals. Liberals will take one example and pretend that it’s thousands, and take examples that’s in the thousands and pretend that it’s just a handful.

What I mean is that Liberals will hold one elderly woman who is on a budget and buying dog food for herself as an example of poverty in America. Yet, every single one of us has been in a line behind a person who has a basket full of junk food, and is paying for their food with food stamps. Your tax dollars, my tax dollars, other people’s money. What do we get in return? A lecture from Michelle Obama that we aren’t eating healthy enough… and of course Bloomberg’s limited size Cokes.

More over, we have many people who don’t even care enough about their own children to get out and get a job, yet they want to lecture me about how I don’t care about their children because I don’t want to turn my paycheck over to the government? Seriously. How can you expect other people to care about your children if you won’t even bother to get a job to provide for them?

Before you Leftist give me some lecture about they can’t get a job, let me give you a solution. Why not just drop a few extra bucks into giving people classes on how to search for jobs? And how about making it a requirement that they provide a list at least 15 places they have actually filled out a job application before they get their next check? Is our goal to temporarily help these people so they can get back on their feet and build a better life for their self? Or is our goal to deprive them of their dreams and trap these people permanently into a lifestyle that they will never get out of?

I suppose this is the point where you Liberals are starting to think in terms of race, and I get it, you think white people are superior to minorities and therefor it’s “minorities” that I’m talking about. I assure you, just because you think minorities are too stupid to get a job while white people inherently benefit because of skin color, I would be quick to point out that the majority of people on welfare are white.

Which leads me to something else that annoys me. It seems like every day Liberals point out “inequality” in America, and then continue to ensure that different groups feel inferior to the “white male”. They act as if rich black people and poor white people don’t exist. It seems to me that if Liberals wanted to see minorities succeed, they wouldn’t be saying successful black people are “sell outs” just because they disagree with their politics. Liberals invest their time and effort into this ideology of inequality, that it seems to me the more inequality that exists for minorities, women, and any other group, that Liberals will benefit come election time.

More to the point, if Republicans are for the rich, and Democrats are for the poor, then doesn’t it stand to reason that Republicans then need 51% or more of America to be wealthy or well off to benefit during elections? By the same token, wouldn’t Democrats benefit if 51% or more live in poverty? When you realize that Republicans want the majority of America wealthy, while Democrats benefit from a nation in poverty, you begin to see things the way they are. You would understand why Barack Obama focused on health care reform rather than lifting a finger to get our economy moving again. He would do more than give us lip service of “focusing like a laser on the economy”.

Which is something else that I find annoying, Healthcare Reform. We already give the poor and elderly health care, Medicaid and Medicare. Yet for some reason because people who are middle class who opt out of buying health insurance, we have to help the poor by reforming our healthcare system to one that nobody wants? Thanks, but no thanks.

Overall, I would say that I’m annoyed by people who complain that I don’t care about them. How about you just give enough of a damn to stop and think about me once in a while? How about thinking about the people who produce and provide to you, and ask yourself, why do you deserve a single dime of the money that they worked for? Perhaps the selfish and greedy aren’t the people who are providing jobs, going to work, and putting food on the table for more than just their families. Perhaps the selfish and greedy are the people who won’t lift a finger to help their selves, while demanding more and more out of people who already give more than enough.


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