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February 4, 2008

New York Giants just won the Super Bowl, which means hell just froze over, which proves global warming is your fault for not voting for Al Gore… sad thing is, there’s liberals out there who agree.
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The real tragedy of the Patriots losing the Super Bowl is that 10 years from now, Hollywood is going to do a movie about it, say it’s based on a true story, and they’ll make some changes for dramatic effect to the story. What they will do is have the Patriots go undefeated through the season, and just before the Super Bowl, it will be discovered the week of the Super Bowl that the Patriots were cheating by filming the other team (spygate), and the New York Giants are going to be the heroic team that swooped in and defeated the evil Patriots. Some people will believe that’s the way it actually happened, and the historians will be criticized for telling the truth when it’s just a movie. Besides, it will give Hollywood another opportunity to put senseless liberal propaganda in a movie.

This video Jackie and Dunlap sums up the way some Republicans have acted towards Ron Paul’s supporters, whatever happened to being a big tent party?

John McCain is being Swiftboated (Video of people who served with McCain in the Senate) , being privileged enough to have a Vietnam Vets Against McCain. I also have a feeling we are going to see much more videos of McCain like this video. And we are going to hear more stiff allegations like this one, though I’m not going to say they’re true. Quite frankly, I wasn’t there, how would I know? I guess everybody’s right, McCain can beat Hillary.

Hillary Clinton wants to garnish the wages of employees who refuse to buy health insurance, typical lib politician, always thinking of ways to make you poorer so you will need people who are for the poor winning elections. Makes you wonder, does she own stocks in Health Insurance companies?

And speaking of who’s getting paid for legislating… John McCain’s dear buddy ultra Liberal Republican Arlen Specter is using his power to investigate Spygate, calling on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to meet with him to explain why the NFL destroyed tapes Re: the investigation. I need a little help here because I’m kind of an old fashion Republican that believes it’s not the role of government to solve every little problem, so perhaps my McCain supporting Republican friends can help me out here, Why is it Arlen Specter’s duty to investigate the NFL for destroying tapes that violated their own rules as a private entity? I have a few personal tapes that I destroyed, does Arlen Specter need to know why I destroyed them as well? Why on earth does my tax dollars need to go to Arlen Specter so that he can investigate the NFL for a private matter? Why does congress feel the need to solve every single problem of every single person?

And you people in Pennsylvania really need to get a life if you think Arlen Specter is a good representation of you. If he has nothing better to do than worry about the matters of private entities like this, and that is the same priorities as Pennsylvanians, do us all a favor and secede. Cripes, we really don’t need congressmen and Senators like these guys, in either party. What a waste of a Senator. Well, don’t you feel better knowing Arlen Specter, or any Washingtonian is on this case? Neither do I.


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