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April 12, 2008

At least it’s not Detroit… Click here for video, and here she is again. By the way, Monica Conyers is the wife Congressman John Conyers. I want to thank all you folks around the nation who voted Democrats in congress for giving us such classy people. The Conyers are adequate representation, they know how to act. This is what we can expect from them, that is to say, “We better respect them”.

Teach about proper use of physical therapy.

Patient Education Management October 1, 2008 Teach about proper use of physical therapy Patients need to know their role for best outcome Physical therapy is becoming more commonplace as health care professionals who specialize in this field take staff positions at hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, nursing homes, and sports and fitness facilities. here physical therapy salary

When people have a movement disorder that limits their ability to perform daily activities, a physical therapist would often be the appropriate specialist to see, says Steve Tippett PT, PhD, SCS, ATC, professor and chair of the Department of Physical Therapy and Health Science at Bradley University in Peoria, IL.

For example, a person may present with the inability to use his shoulder, especially for overhead activities. He may have weakness, decreased range of motion, decreased overall function and maybe decreased endurance, explains Tippett.

To help the public understand the role of a physical therapist and when to solicit the help of this health care professional, the American Physical Therapy Association, based in Alexandria, VA, has declared October as National Physical Therapy Month.

What information do people need to know in order to use a physical therapist effectively? Following are a few key points:

Types of conditions treated: It is important for people to know what types of conditions a physical therapist might treat. This health care professional might help with orthopedic conditions, joint and soft tissue injuries, neurological conditions, connective tissue injuries, cardiopulmonary and circulatory conditions, and workplace injuries, such as repetitive stress.

How to choose a PT: Although patients are often referred to a physical therapist by a physician, they can choose to visit one on their own. In this case, they should seek a directory of professionals in their area and select one with appropriate credentials. A physical therapist must receive a graduate degree from an accredited program and pass the national licensure examination, which allows him or her to practice.

In addition, physical therapists can be certified as specialists in certain areas such as orthopedics, sports, neurology, pediatrics, and geriatrics. see here physical therapy salary

“If a person has a special problem, then the specialists are probably the physical therapist to see,” says Tippett. However, networking is common among physical therapists and they will refer to another therapist when appropriate.

The role of the patient: In order for physical therapy to work, a patient must be actively engaged in the treatment program, says Tippett.

“Patients have to be engaged in the process. They have to know what is wrong with them and their role in getting themselves better, and they have to be involved in it,” he explains.

Patient non-compliance would undermine the success of a physical therapy program.

“Sometimes that is the fault of the physical therapist, because patients need to understand what their part will be, what is expected of them,” explains Tippett.

What to expect: A physical therapist will examine a patient and develop a treatment plan that would include exercises and activity modification. Other techniques are also used to reduce pain and stimulate muscles. At home, patients would do their exercise routine, limit activities to those that are appropriate and sometimes apply an ice or heat treatment.

The amount of time it takes for an injury to improve depends on the problem; however, if a patient doesn’t see improvement after a couple of visits with an appropriate plan in place, then physical therapy is not working, says Tippett. In such cases, the physical therapist might work with the patient’s physician on further diagnostic tests such as X-rays.

Due to their training, physical therapists are good at assessing whether a condition warrants physical therapy or requires another medical intervention. For example, Tippett explains, a shoulder problem might not be from a musculoskeletal injury, but could be a heart problem or a tumor on the lung.

“Physical therapy is a relatively new profession, but we continue to evolve quickly and position ourselves uniquely in the health care field,” says Tippett.

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As a note of interest, this woman's husband is the congressman behind the perennial demand that the nation make 'reparations' for slavery; the quintessential Entitlement Mentality.

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