Sometimes I Just Don’t Understand Congress

November 15, 2013

I’m a conservative, and when I say I’m a conservative, I mean I want as little government intrusion in my life as possible. I want to be able to succeed or fail without government intrusion and yes, I want to pay as little of my taxes as possible. I don’t fool myself into thinking that making the “rich pay their fair share” doesn’t mean my taxes will increase too. I also understand that you can’t keep giving government more and more power without it eventually turning into a dictatorship. Many people on the Left think that’s what makes me an “extremist”.

But if I am an “extremist”, then I’d rather call myself a “Reasonable extremist”. I understand that there is a role for government. In the United States Constitution, the government is authorized to build roads and provide a postal service. Congress is authorized to pass laws as long as they don’t contradict the United States Constitution. There is a role for government but that role is best kept to a minimum and not to a maximum.

Throughout history, governments betrayed many of those who asked for more government. Cicero was a moderate who, after the Roman government became too big for him, spoke up too late. He was executed in his own garden. This scenario has played out many times in many different ways throughout history, and someday our government will become so big that our own congressmen and women may have their “accidents” for having the wrong thought. That day will come, it will because those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it. Those that do are still doomed to repeat it because the ignorant outnumber them. Whether that time comes in my lifetime is still in the air, but many days I have to wonder. I just try to keep my country a free nation as long as possible and hope that we can educate the next generation to avoid a tyrannical state.

So I watch President Obama’s insincere apology and was actually surprised that he didn’t blame Bush. Still, as insincere as his apology was, that’s about as close as we could hope from the Democrats. By the way, who didn’t love how the MSM portrayed Obama’s “Apology”. It was as if, “OK, he apologized, let’s move on”, but to the people who lost their insurance and now have to pay higher premiums, I’m not so sure that it’s going to go over well. Only in Washington can a reluctant apology be thought so effective.

I recall one month ago, the Republicans wanted to either “defund or delay”, and because the Democrats didn’t want to touch Obamacare, our government went into shut down mode. Republicans caved, and in hindsight rightfully so. What a difference a month makes. Mary Landrieu, who wasn’t willing to delay the individual mandate wasn’t willing to cross over and join Republicans to get the government back up and running. Now that she sees what her vote has done to her own re-election chances, she wants to introduce a bill that allows people to keep their policy. I don’t think those people are going to forget that Mary Landrieu was for them losing their health insurance before she was against it.

But watching the Republicans, I often feel like I’m watching a reality game show on the television, a show titled “Who wants to lose an election?”. The game show contestant do their best to lose elections. They put so much stock in the here and now that they don’t look at the long term. Take Landrieu, rushing a bill through so she could go back to her constituents and say, “look, I got all this money for our state”, and didn’t mention that the vast majority would never see the money. But now that her re-election is up in the air, her vote is what is remembered and that money most Louisianians never saw is forgotten.

The only thing that can save Mary Landrieu’s re-election now is… The Republicans, and here they come to her rescue.

I might be an “extremist” but if I am, I am a “reasonable extremist”. I treat people with respect, or at least I try to but in return I expect to be treated with respect. What I have seen was a President and his party constantly disrespect their opposition. They disrespected the Republicans when Obama looked at them and said “I won”, as if his victory meant that Republicans who also won didn’t matter. He told Americans not to “listen” to Republicans. We’ve been called crazy, racist, Nazis, fascist (even though Democrat policies are more inline with Nazi/Fascists). We had the IRS used against organizations on our side. Democrats support guys like Piers Morgan who routinely call 2nd amendment supporters “stupid”. When the warnings about health care came, the Democrats mocked them and even as little as a month ago, Obama called them crazy.

He accused Republicans of getting the country in “this mess” when in reality is was years of Democrat housing policy for the poor that caused the crisis. They blame the Republicans but they can’t explain how the Republicans are at fault. They can’t explain how Obamacare or the stimulus package will benefit the economy, so they resort to name calling a bullying their opposition, and it’s only when they want something from somebody that they are actually nice to them. It’s re-election time, now Mary Landrieu wants to listen to her constituents and unlike a month ago, wants to work with Republicans.

Obama declares “I won”, therefore Republicans who also won don’t matter. Then he blames them for “getting us in this mess” and we shouldn’t listen to Republicans, then he accuses the Republicans of standing in his way, then accuses the Republicans of not wanting to work with him, now the Democrats want to help the Republicans postpone Obamacare? Why are the Republicans helping the Democrats delay Obamacare until after the elections? Why on earth should the Republicans help them now? Perhaps it’s time Republicans stood and said “It’s yours, you own it. We’ll just leave it alone and let the people decide next November.” Maybe then, Democrats will treat Republicans with a little respect.


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