(Soon To Be Ex-) Governor Unclear On The Concept.

January 6, 2008

I could not let this pass without comment. A bit of legacy-spin from Kathleen Blanco about Hurricane Katrina:
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“I felt like I was victimized in a way, just like the people who lost their homes were victimized.”

No madame, you were not victimized. Not at all. To even try to equate what you experienced with the experiences of those in New Orleans shows more clearly than ever why you could not lead this State during a time of crisis. If you are a victim at all, then you are a victim of your own indecisiveness and bad judgements (as were we all).

I know victims of Katrina. Victims of Katrina are my parents, my inlaws, and many friends. And you, Ms. Blanco, are no victim of Katrina.

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"What we get" and "what we want" are often not the same thing. "24-hour" Blanco will go down in history as the worst Governor in Louisiana history, possibly the worst in the country. Instead of wollering in self-pity and refusing to accept reality, as has former FEMA Director Brown, Kate should follow Hillary's past example, that Hillary should now give an encore performance, and go home and bake cookies.

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