State of OUR Nation!

November 18, 2011

State of OUR Nation!

by Leon Puissegur

I wonder just what many people think of the state of our nation if they think at all! I mean just look what the last 3 years has brought to all of us. One only has to look at gasoline and oil prices to see the rise since 2009 when Obama took office and began his ‘green job’ agenda which has failed terribly with the failure of Sylindra and other so called ‘green energy’ jobs. Then we have the ‘Fast and Furious’ the plan to increase gun control laws that backfired into the Attorney general and his staff. Need we look at all the other things that have increased since January of 2009?

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If we do not open our eyes now, we may as well just close them to freedom forever! Our congress has taken a vacation while sitting in their offices and are allowing 12 people to decide the fate of our nation! This has NEVER been done before! Why do we as a people just continue to ignore the very people that are supposed to work for us? Have we as a nation become too involved in our own petty lives to shrug a shoulder at the Congress and allow them to just continue to do whatever they wish? Just look at how stupid and ignorant we as a people are at the levels of the states! When only 30 percent or LESS actually go to the polls and vote for Governors or any political office, it shows just how complacent our nation has become.

Take a look at the Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, his main accomplishment before obtaining the position at the best wishes from Obama, was nothing more then a bleeding heart liberal from Berkley, California and that alone should have people wonder why this man Chu was given so much reign over what Chu himself did not like, oil, coal, gas, and Nuclear energy! Obama placed Chu in that department because Chu himself really did not care for any other source of energy except the solar and wind energy. With the scandal in the solar energy alone, any other president would have been brought up on impeachment charges, yet Obama walks free due to the constant fear of riots in the streets from those who are now in the streets protesting!

Now let us check out the “Occupy Wall Street” crew, once the cloak of the unions are stripped from their backs, one finds at the base of this ‘protest; to be the very enemies of our nation and freedoms! Yes, I will say it, it is VERY clear, the SOCIALISTS, the COMMUNISTS, the NAZI PARTY< the MARXIST PARTY, and all other groups whom approve the destruction of our freedom and nation! Do I need proof to say this? Yes, and it is very easy to show, just look at the one thing that was brought to this nation in the late 60’s, the clenched left fist on a ‘red’ background. This same symbol has been shown at EVERY one of these supposedly pop up Wall Street Protests. All of these people are acting out of total ignorance by doing as they are “DICTATED” to do! They all act in total disregard of laws, decency, and moral ideas of the true 99% of this nation. They really should change that sign to the 1% which they really represent.

But with all this said, just look at the small attention given by the extremely biased news media! How many news outlets show the clenched fist or the sign with the old COMMUNIST flag? None, not even Fox News shows this and it is something that needs to be shown. Our nation is on the very brink of failure and our president is taking a vacation where he played in his early childhood while once again belittling our nation and making excuses for our nation being great! Why does Obama run out the nation when he has a problem? The news media, all of them fail to show things which need to be shown, the links of the Socialists, Communists, and other groups that hate our nation paying and supporting the Wall Street Protesters. These enemies of our nation are supported by the very groups that have supported Obama and that is why he does support their ideas of take from the rich and give to the poor! Our nation has fallen down from being great to now being on the edge of becoming a third world nation, thanks to Obama and Congress!!!

It is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence that when Government, “…envinces to reduce them, (the people), under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Gaurds for their future security.” This Nation, our Nation, the UNITED STATES was born under this very idea and yet, “WE THE PEOPLE” have failed to uphold not just this, but our own freedom and justice by NOT getting out and vote no matter who or what the election is about! Think about the last elections in some of the states, almost everyone only had about 30 percent of the people vote which means that 30 percent of the people determine what the other 70 percent have to live with! And then those very people who complain come out and say all the garbage they wish while they sat on their butts and did not VOTE to change what they do not like! Now just how ignorant is this? If I offend anyone then good, it means I am stepping on toes, I am standing taller then those who complain but sit on their rear ends when it comes to making a real change.

The State of OUR Nation depends upon the responsibility of each and every one of us and if we fail to go to the polls and vote, we have failed as Citizens of our Nation. If we as a people cannot go out and vote, take the time to do what is needed to make sure and to ensure our very freedom and justice, then we deserve to be brought into the Socialistic/Communistic ideas that are being pushed hard by the group of politicians now in power. WE THE PEOPLE have the responsibility to VOTE, we fail as Citizens if we just sit back and “Let George Do It!” Guess what, George does not care and he loves the complacency of the people! Wake up people, it is OUR duty as Citizens of the United States to vote and if we do not we have failed not just our local community, but our nation, our friends, and most important of all, our very Family! Wake up and VOTE or go back to sleep and enjoy the Socialist/Communist ideas!

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