State of the Union???

January 25, 2012


Leon Puissegur

I have to wonder just how many people watched the State of the Union address by Obama? It was a dull and very weird address since he has once again failed to state real facts. Obama said that our nation has only 2 percent of the world’s energy so we Have to go to renewable energy. The truth is that our nation, the United States has more energy then the entire world has on hand! The United States has over 2 Trillion barrels of oil in just 3 states, our nation, the United States has such a vast amount of coal that the world comes to us for Coal, but Obama never mentioned Coal because his administration is trying to stop Coal burning. Obama through his puppet in the EPA Ms. Lisa Jackson, has shut down at least 5 Coal mines so far and the EPA is working on seeing just how they can shut down the “fracking’ which has been done for the past 60 years with no problems as of date.

Obama has come up with some other spoken words that are not true. He has said that we can use public lands to use wind and solar to power millions of homes, but the problem here is that these same public lands hold vast amounts of oil and his administration just does not wish to use the oil that can be done. Obama has stated that he has created millions of jobs when in fact he has not, his administration has created jobs, but most have been in China! Obama’s friend and Jobs Czar, Jeff Imelt shut down a factory employing 35,000 people and opened a factory employing 25,000, but that factory is in CHINA!! How can Obama make statements about jobs when the man He, Obama, has placed in charge of JOBS has shut down jobs in the United States and created jobs in CHINA? Could this be some sort of conspiracy by Jeff Imelt? Could this be some violation of law by Obama? The questions pop up like fire from a volcano! How can Obama make statements about jobs when the very person he places in charge of creating jobs has moved thousands of jobs to CHINA?

Obama: In fact, I’ve approved fewer regulations in the first three years of my presidency than my Republican predecessor did in his.

Truth is that Obama has approved fewer regulations, but what he fails to state is that these new regulations has cost the people more due to the way the regulations have been applied. In all Obama approved 613 new regulations, just 30 less then what Bush had done during the same period, but that is a shadow for what has happened under these new regulations.

Bloomberg News on October 25, 2011 stated that it was more costly to comply with Obama’s new regulations then what Bush or Clinton had done together during the same time period. federal
Bloomberg News, Oct. 25, 2011: The number of significant rules, defined as those costing more than $100 million, has gone up under Obama, with 129 approved so far, compared with 90 for Bush, 115 for President Bill Clinton and 127 for the first President Bush over the same period in their first terms.
This brings into question why would Obama make such a statement when he knew or should have known that when people look at what he said they would dig into it and find that what he said was misleading at best and very bad for our nation due to the fact that if he cannot tell the truth to the people of the United States, then what nation would believe what he says? This is very troubling because either Obama himself knew he would be making false statements, or his advisors did not tell him the truth and misled him. In either case, it would make a foreign diplomat question the facts that Obama would state to them. Then Obama has enough nerve to use the tax payers money to fly around the nation campaigning for his re-election! Of course all one has to do is look to see just who is Obama’s administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, none other then Cass Sustein whom has stated in the past, “You don’t push people, you Nudge them.” Or words close to that. Cass Sunstein does not like the way the United states is run and would rather see it run like a Socialist state. Cass Sunstein has an idea of turning the United States into a place where the Government runs everything and the people do as the Government says!

Let me get back to the question of oil and here is what the facts prove without any sort of questions. When Obama swore into office in January of 2009, Gasoline was at a low $1.89 a gallon and now it is up to an average of over $3.59 a gallon, close to double of what it was when Obama took office as president. Here we all know that the price of fuel, of any sort causes the price of everything to increase, which it has done. Obama had stated that, “Electricity will necessarily skyrocket.” During his first run for office, now he has stated that we need more wind and solar energy to get away from foreign oil! Now I have to ask if he really wants to have the United States to receive less foreign oil, why STOP the Keystone Pipeline? Some say the pipeline is an Environmental hazard, but Keystone has passed the EPA questions 3 times before Obama stopped them. One more thing I have to mention here is that the oil coming through this pipeline will bring down the price per barrel to around $50 of which, will drop the cost of gasoline to around $1.80 a gallon along with dropping the price of all the fuels!

Obama: In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than three million jobs. Last year, they created the most jobs since 2005. American manufacturers are hiring again, creating jobs for the first time since the late 1990s.

What Obama failed to mention here which seems to be yet another direction by Cass Sunstein, and that was the number of jobs that were lost and have not come back. One need only to look at the Facts from the Department of Labor to see that jobs that Obama claimed just do not exist! You see that when Obama took office employment was some 1.7 million more jobs then what it is now. Obama also failed to mention that more then 6 million jobs were lost since the Bush era! How could the president make these statements and declare them as being true? Again one man may be the answer, Cass Sunstein whom Obama has great respect for, this is the same person whom had made the statement that a “child” can be aborted up to age two! How can such a man be a top advisor to the president? Well all we have to remember is that Cass Sunstein is not the worst that Obama had in his staff, all we need to do is go back to one Van Jones, a man whom proudly proclaimed his COMMUNISM ideals!!

Obama has made a great speech, but he left out many facts that he just does not want to talk about! Let’s see what those are, first the one that will benefit our nation the most, the Keystone Pipeline, next he totally left out the abundance of Coal our nation has, just these two facts left out would make a big difference to our nations dependence on foreign oil! Then he left out any mention of Islamic terrorists failing to mention that the Taliban are terrorists and that may well lead to problems down the road. Obama also failed to mention that to use almost all solar and wind for energy will not only cost more then oil or coal, it will take up more space then the United States has available for use! One engineer stated that to power all of the United States with just wind or solar, the people would have to live in the seas because the land would be filled with solar panels and windmills. Obama never said how he would run the electricity when no wind is available or when the sun does not shine! Just that brings into question the real efficiency of Wind and solar power since both Require that either wind or sunshine must be there for these devices to work! If we do not have wind or sun to drive these devices, where do we obtain the power from? I don’t think anyone in this administration has thought that far ahead!

Obama has made many claims in his State of the Union address, but when the curtain is drawn back, many of his statements have been proven wrong or just not truly accurate! How can such an individual like this capture the people? His nature of speaking with the proper words on his teleprompter can move mountains if it so be, but once one removes the glitter and fanfare, the facts seem to jump out and destroy all that is stated. This president relies upon what his friends below him state and many of them have alternative directions they want to go and those directions are NOT what the founders of this nation had envisioned when they drew up the Constitution! Obama has even stated several times that he is going to do as he wishes quoting him, “with or without Congress”. Now just how can he do this? Why is he allowed to violate his oath of office? Obama swore under oath to “uphold the Constitution”, but he violates that oath of office when he makes statements that he is going to do something whether Congress approves or not, and in some cases, with or without Congressional authority! This is not an action taken by any individual that takes an oath to uphold the Constitution! We as a people MUST question why and how can Obama get away with violating his oath of office, but then we look at Congress itself and find that many of those in Congress have also violated the oath of office they took.

In closing I have to once again ask the burning question that flames up each time Obama speaks, when will Obama be brought to the carpet and held to task for his violations of the very Oath of office he took? Think about it people, vote in November to kick him and many of those whom support him out of office before the United States has to add Socialist to the USA, (USSA, United Socialist States of America)!!!

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