Sticking to Conservative Principles

January 20, 2010

Conservative principles of personal liberty and responsibility, limited government, fiscal responsibility, protection of private property, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to protect ourselves and our property form the cornerstone of this country. A “cornerstone” is a very important part of a structure. It’s around the cornerstone that the rest of the bricks, stones or other material are used when constructing the building. It’s thus the guide for how to build the rest of the building. Likewise, the aforementioned freedoms and rights are the cornerstone of the United States of America. It’s around these principles that our country was formed and it’s because of these principles that our country has become the strongest, most successful, most powerful, most free, and most charitable country in the world.

These principles that make up the foundation of, and are responsible for the successes of, this country are under daily attack by liberals in government – from local city councils all the way up to the Oval Office. I think that a lot of liberals actually think they’re on the right path. They think that being liberal means you’re more generous, more caring, and enlightened – and who wouldn’t want to be called those terms? Don’t fall for the myth. Many have, and many more will. However, it’s a hoax. It’s a horrible hoax that has been played on millions of people for generations. It’s been used through means such as race-baiting by people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who refuse to speak in public without throwing out the race card. Why do they do this? We after all have had African-Americans in the highest positions in this country for generations now, from Congress to the Supreme Court to the President. Obama was NOT the first to break this nonexistent “barrier”. Sharpton, Jackson and their lemmings continue to race bait because it is what keeps them relevant, it’s what keeps them in power. If all of the sudden minorities all over the country realized that they do not NEED Sharpton and Jackson to “protect” them, what would Sharpton and Jackson do with their time? How would they make their money? Now, I only use those two guys as examples. There are PLENTY of other examples in the Democrat party. For instance, before Harry Reid made the completely ignorant, absurd comment about Obama’s “lack of negro dialect”, he said that people who were opposed to their socialized medicine bill were likened to slave owners. Why on Earth would someone say something like that? It’s just ridiculous to draw such a comparison because there’s no analogy whatsoever. It was just another attempt to race-bait, confuse the issues and ensure that Harry Reid and other Democrats stay in office and thus stay in power. For, if you convince the masses that only the Democrats will take care of them, you ensure your never-ending power. Until millions of people take their blinders off, this hoax will continue to work. We as conservatives have to help take off those blinders and help the masses understand that it’s actually conservative principles that provide equal rights, liberties and freedoms For All, not just for the political elite or a particular group, but FOR ALL.

Conservative Principle 1: Personal Freedoms, Rights and Responsibilities

Our Founders fled Europe for many reasons, but all of those reasons were related to escaping from and fighting to the death to avoid a tyrannical, overreaching government. Our Founders fled from governments that took their private property to enrich their cronies and fund international travel campaigns, that burned them at the stake for their religion, and that shot them in a firing squad for any type of writing that spoke out against the government. This country was founded for those who believed in preserving private property, in being able to practice one’s religion freely or to not practice at all, and in recognizing the virtue of limited federal and state governments that were in place only for national protection, police protection, prosecution of those who violated the rights of others, resolving legal disputes, regulating (meaning to make regular and reliable) commerce among the states, and other specified rights.

Within this very important list of rights is a right that is under constant attack by liberals, both privately by community organizations and unions and publicly through overreaching government – the protection of private property. If the government takes your property without just compensation, the 5th Amendment has been violated. The government may also only take your property for a legitimate government purpose, meaning they must have the constitutional authority for the programs to which they intend to commit your property once they take it from you. While many people don’t realize this, taking your money IS a taking of your private property. You likely have that money because you either worked hard for that money, or someone in your family worked hard for that money. When the government takes that property for the sole purpose of “redistributing the wealth” to the “less fortunate” they in fact violate the constitution. The federal government does NOT have the power to generally legislate for the health and welfare of the States’ citizens, that falls at most within the powers of the individual States. Equally egregious is that the liberals who take this property from us do so not out of any benevolence on their part but out of a desire to retain their power. Again, as discussed above, when the liberals convince the masses that only the liberals will take care of their every need through government handouts, of course the masses will ensure that those same liberals are sent back to public office over and over and over and over.

The tragedy of this system is that this liberal policy of tax and spend has hurt generations of the poorest people in this country, mostly minorities. As far back as they remember, their family has lived in public housing and has been entirely dependent on government handouts for their food, clothing, medical care and every other need in their lives. Their surroundings do not teach them the value of hard work and getting an education as a means of pulling themselves out of that horrible, strangling poverty. From welfare programs that penalize a single mother if she gets married, to that same system that rewards numerous illegitmate children, to the system that punishes any amount of hard work by taxes that are given to politicians who just waste the money, people have no example of or incentive to pull themselves out of poverty.

I am compelled to also point out that there are many Republicans in public office who follow a liberal and/or a “progressive” agenda. Those men and women should be thrown out of office at the next opportunity as well. RINOs (Republican In Name Only) are of absolutely no use to the party or to the country. RINOs are why Republicans lost power in the first place – many Americans began to feel that neither party was principled anymore and was simply concerned about staying in power. Those people were right on many accounts.

Republicans need to return to and stick with conservative principles, and conservative candidates. It’s only those principles that will ensure personal and corporate recovery and long-term success. The government does not need to be meddling in the affairs of businesses. Do you really think that some elected official in DC really has a clue how to run your business that you’ve sacrificed for and worked hard on all of your adult life? NO! Do you think DC should tell you how and why you can hire and fire your employees? NO! Do you think DC should decide how much is your “progressive fair share” to contribute to their redistribution of wealth/seizure of power campaigns? NO! Do you think DC should tell you what type of energy is best for your State, your business and your household? NO! Do you think DC should tell your State government how to utilize its natural resources? NO! Do you think DC should tell you you must purchase a particular type of health insurance or be fined or jailed? A Resounding NO!!!!

These questions represent just a few of the things that liberals all over the U.S. have done and want to continue to do with OUR money and OUR government.  We must stop them NOW before it’s too late!  We are off to a great start to turning this ship in the right direction.  Starting with the recent election of Governor Christie in NJ and Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts, it’s time to focus on Congressional elections in November.  WE MUST take this country back one election, one seat, one voter at a time. It will be a war of attrition but it’s certainly a war worth winning. The future successes of this country are worth it – remaining the country that is the most powerful in the world, the country with the greatest freedoms and rights in the world, the country that comes together with private funds and helps those in need more than anywhere else in the world (demonstrated right now by the record giving for Haiti), and the country that continues to lead the world in nearly every realm. It’s worth the fight. Our country is worth the fight. Our Founders believed it was worth the fight. We’re very fortunate that we do not have to take up firearms against an oppressive government. We can take up arms by voting liberals out of office and putting someone in that office who will stand on conservative principles. We must do this at EVERY level of government.

We must also not fall for the myth that certain seats are just always going to be “Democrat” seats. That is not true, not if we’re willing to fight. For one thing, in this political climate it’s absolutely necessary to ensure liberals are not in power. If a Democrat is elected to one seat, it’s easier for a Democrat to be elected to that seat in the future, or to other seats in that region or state. Second, on a national level, electing a Democrat further provides the numbers necessary for the Democrat party to stay in power in DC and control every aspect of our lives. Third, liberals will only appoint liberals. Don’t be fooled that there are “blue dog” Democrats out there who want to reach across the aisle to conservatives. Bull. In this political climate, Democrats have been convinced that they must tow the party line even if that means their own political suicide. Put conservatives in office if you want a government run on conservative principles.

Finally, don’t let “traditional wisdom” tell you that a certain seat isn’t winnable for other reasons. ALL seats are winnable if it’s the right time and you have the right candidate. If you don’t have a candidate who stands on the principles you do, nominate yourself and run to turn the country in the Right direction.


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