Stirring Up Hate

June 24, 2015

I’m not a big fan of the Confederate Flag. It means nothing to me, it’s irrelevant. I would never go to Walmart and buy a Confederate flag any more than I would buy a shirt with the racist Che Guevara on it. Let’s be honest to what it’s come to symbolize… stirring up hate. robert-e-lee-66789850306

Let’s be honest, to turn a tragic event such as the South Carolina church shooting into a debate about the Confederate flag can only be done by people who are full of hate. Let’s be honest, to take a horrible event in which so many people of different backgrounds came together hugged, held hands, and prayed together and shift the focus onto a piece of cloth can only be done by individuals who looked at the humanity of individuals with disdain. How awful it must have been to have to witness black and white people holding each other. How horrible it must have been to see rich and poor touching each other as they held hands and prayed. How tragic it must have been to see the same sorrow in men’s eyes as it was in women’s eyes.

Let us not overcome the monster who committed this savage act and savor the power of good will among men. Let us capitulate to his wishes and divide this nation by race. Let us encourage his race war. I have just the prescription. Let us focus on a piece of cloth. Does that sum up the debate? Isn’t it this what this is about?

Is it not wonderful to see people of all races unified and together? Can’t we at least have some comfort in having this miscreant see that he is alone in his desire to start a race war? If it were up to me, I’d want Dylann Storm to rothilter away in jail knowing he failed miserably. Unfortunately he’s probably grinning in his cell as he hears about this racial division in America… over a piece of cloth.

While this Confederate flag may mean nothing to me, to ban it seems senseless. What exactly gets accomplished by banning it? Is it about what people think? That we would want to make it illegal to have the wrong thoughts? Would it be banned completely? Should every single Confederate flag be destroyed? And if not, who should be allowed to own one? Should it be relegated to museums? If the Confederate flag is allowed in museums, would it not invoke the same feelings of hatred in a museum as it would on a pole?

And should we completely remove it from television? Would we ban the Dukes of Hazzard from television? Or with computer technology, they could redesign the car with the American flag and rename it in honor of another Virginian… the General Washington. Or do we rule that the Dukes of Hazzard invokes too much hate and that too must be banned?

If the flag should be banned, the shouldn’t movies and documentaries that Checontain images of the flag also be banned? Shouldn’t we ask for an apology every actor and actress that’s still alive that has been in a movie with the confederate flag? After all, this flag invokes so much hate.

And are there not other symbols of hate? Such as Nazi symbols. Should we also prohibit anything with Nazi symbols? Shouldn’t this be treated much the same way? How is it that what people think of an object should be banned, but when they think the same thing of another object, that ought not be banned? Clearly all Nazi symbols need to be banned since World War II was about slaughtering people based on their race.

Che Guevara shirts also invoke hatred. Che, a well known racist, murdered people. Can we now call on the abolition of Che Guevara shirts since he too was a murderous racist?

adWhat of the Democrat party, whose roots digs deep into racism. The party that still honors the racist Margaret Sanger and her push for racial purity through abortion. The party that once chastised the Republican party for being the “party of negroes” while priding itself as the “White man’s party”. This is the party of the Ku Klux Klan, doesn’t the Democrat party invoke hatred as well? Doesn’t it seem like the Democrat Party is  always stirring up hate?

Actually, I’d be happy if the Democrat party would change their name to the Bannet Party. After all, don’t they want to ban everything?



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