Success Begets Success and Misery Loves Company

August 31, 2008

I’d like to start this post off by thanking the very gullible Cenlamar for sharing the Obama taxcut with us. It’s a site that figures out how much less in taxes you will pay under Barack Obama’s plan. Problem is, it is full of lies. Clearly full of lies. For example, if a single person makes $10,000 a year, their taxes will be reduced by $757.40 … and a married couple making $25,000 a year with five children will receive a tax cut of $1,536.98 or $1,887.98 if both earn an income. Now how are people who aren’t paying a single dime in taxes, pay even less? If you’re paying nothing, you can’t have your taxes cut any further. No wonder why they found a way to get Cenlamar to the DNC convention, they knew he’d buy everything they were selling him.

Kind of like Ryan over at the Daily Kingfish who one day is criticizing Bobby Jindal for not breaking his promise to the state legislators on the pay raise, then criticizing Bobby Jindal the next day for breaking his promise to the state legislators. Ryan at the DailykingPropaganda? Now that’s one confused blogger.

And then there’s Oyster over at RHT, and Favog who these two apparently can only comprehend one sentence a day. You see, they are upset that I said “Part of me wants Gustav to come right up the Mississippi River and into Baton Rouge.”

What they completely ignored was the other stuff I said, and Favog seems really good at ignoring other key things, such as…

“I hated coming in from work as the hurricane came as an uninvited guest, drenching us with rain, the road barely visible. I hated to hear about the looting, the flooding, the mayhem that swept through New Orleans”

Now maybe they didn’t ignore it, maybe they just didn’t agree with it but didn’t find it offensive. Maybe those words went into their heads but the last lines of the post were the only words that could fit in their heads and the rest of what I had to say just overflowed out their ears… They also ignored…

“Hurricane Katrina gave us the best and the worst of people. I’m grateful for the best of people, I loathe the worst of people, and I hope to see neither again.”

And I continued on about Bobby Jindal…

“So far he’s passed this test with flying colors, but then again, who isn’t taking a hurricane serious down here after Hurricane Katrina? I’m sure any of the other Gubernatorial candidates would have done the same if they had been elected, but they weren’t. Right now Bobby Jindal is governor and he is doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing.

I even had the audacity to wish Gustav would go somewhere else instead of Louisiana…

If Gustav comes to New Orleans, and hopefully it’ll pick on Mexico instead, then on Monday we will know. Did we get our money’s worth in Bobby Jindal? This is why we elected Bobby Jindal. This is Bobby Jindal’s big test.

Now usually I don’t worry about what Right Hand Thief and Mighty Favog say, I look at them and think, “You know, they’re just proud they got an education in a state that consistently ranks at the bottom of the nation and they want to show it off.” and I leave it at that. They’ll link back to Louisiana Conservative and most people will read what I said, figure out that these two can’t retain too much information at once, and eventually quit reading them. I know I stopped reading RHT when Oyster started spreading rumors that Senator David Vitter was into diapers when he was brothel hopping. To the best of my knowledge Oyster has neither backed those claims up nor has he apologized for starting them.

Now some of you might say, “Well Av, if you insult them, won’t they quit reading Louisiana Conservative too?” and of course they won’t. Oh they might say they will, but they won’t. I believe these guys on the left to be miserable creatures and have to constantly find things to complain about. That they’re miserable people and they want everybody else to be miserable too. Right now, Governor Jindal is doing an excellent job on handling hurricane Gustav and thus arises the need to (wrongfully) criticize me for thinking Gustav is one big party.

But, do they criticize Democrats who are laughing at our predicament? Do they find it offensive enough to complain about DNC National Chairman Don Fowler who laughed about Gustav coming to New Orleans?

“The hurricane’s going to hit New Orleans about the time they start. [Chuckle] The timing is — at least it appears now that it’ll be there Monday. That just demonstrates that God’s on our side. [Laughter] … Everything’s cool.”–DNC Convention Chairman Don Fowler

And instead of lashing out at me, they could have easily found Michael Moore’s statement’s to be far more outrageous… but no. I guess they think Micheal Moore is normal and representative of what Louisianians think. Michael Moore was happy that…

“Gustav is proof that there is a God in Heaven [chuckles]”–Micheal Moore

That just after Micheal Moore made the quoted comments, Olberman was offended that Dobson prayed for rain during Obama’s speech. Not offended that Michael Moore is happy Gustav is hitting New Orleans during the GOP convention, but highly offended because somebody prayed for rain on Barack Obama.

You see, Mighty Favog and Oyster don’t seem to mind that Michael Moore is celebrating that Hurricane Gustav is going to hit New Orleans because it’s good for his political party. Go figure. Maybe they have just as much intentions as their Democrat leaders in turning Gustav into a political issue. And make no mistake about it, they are gearing up to do whatever it takes, criticize whoever they need to criticize, do what’s necessary to make the GOP look bad through Gustav. It would be nice if they’d put Louisiana first, instead of their politics.

I’ll bet if you stuck these two people in a room together, added two more bloggers just like them, asked them what 2+2 equals, you have to wait for them to get an answer from the Democrat headquarters, or maybe the Daily Kos. Oh wait a minute… they must have been criticizing me because they want to be more like the Daily Kooks, only they are criticizing the convention goers.

But ultimately what this tells me is that they are so caught up in this moment of history hysteria, that they are incapable of being reasoned with. That they will obey marching orders and, if the Republicans can be criticized at all in any shape or form, they will do it. It’s not about doing the right thing. It’s not about caring about the poor. It’s not really about New Orleans. They truly think that they are a part of history, they finally found a reason that they can feel important, that ultimately, this is all about them.

Someday, when many years have passed, they’ll slowly come to the realization that they were gullible enough to be caught up in the hysteria election of 2008. Give them plenty of time though, I don’t think their brains move very fast.


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