Success Stories

What does recovery look like? Well, it is different for every person who walks through our doors. But success can come in many ways, but it always means staying clean and fighting your drug addiction. Let us take a look at some members who have found success.

Aaron, 36

I’m a stockbroker, someone who helps direct you to purchasing or selling stock that can have interests to you. It’s a great job, with significant money and benefits. You’d think that means my quality of life would have been great, and there would have been no reason for me to get into drugs. But I did.

I was a drug user for about a decade until my wife left me and I realized I needed to step up and get help or I’d lose everything. “Louisiana Conservative” helped me finally kick my recovery into gear, and I’ve been clean for three years now. My ex-wife and I are even on good terms.

Life isn’t perfect, but it is better than it was. I still attend meetings weekly and have gained lifelong friends who understand me.

Vanessa, 25

I suffered from post-partum depression after giving birth, and it only went downhill from there. I started drinking to self-medicate my depression and that eventually lead to opiate abuse. I wasn’t there for my child, and she was taken away from me for about a year. I didn’t even care. I partied hard and used drugs.

It all came to a head when the father of my child threatened full custody and wouldn’t allow me to see her unless I got help. I realized then that I wanted to be in my child’s life. Staying in the “Louisiana Conservative” helped me get everything together.

They got me into treatment and gave me a support group where I had none. I needed that support because I had driven everyone away. Now My daughter is four years old and lives with me part-time. I’m happy she will never have to see the side of me that cared more about drugs.

Johnathan, 42

As a truck driver, it was vital for me to be able to stay awake on long drives. The faster I could get somewhere then the faster I’d be paid and get my next gig. Coffee and energy drinks were not cutting it anymore, and that’s when I moved to more hardcore stimulants.

I experimented with methamphetamines and cocaine, but cocaine is what I stuck with. It kept me going those last few hours and then I could crash until I needed to get going again.

Sure, I was making good money at this point, but my health was going down the drain. I didn’t realize I was addicted for a long time because I thought I just needed to take it for work. It wasn’t until my wife caught me using cocaine at home that I realized I had a problem.

“Louisiana Conservative” Center helped me realize that my health was more important than my wealth, and for that, I will be forever thankful.