Sugar Cain!

October 3, 2011

Herman Cain has done it again, winning his second consecutive straw poll by a landslide victory… and it’s because… you’re racist. Yes, you want to garuntee that the next President of the United States is black because… you’re a racist. Alright, that doesn’t make any sense, but in the liberal mind, somehow that makes sense. It can’t be because Herman Cain has a plan (999) to change our tax system. It can’t be because Herman Cain has consistently been conservative on issue after issue. It can’t be because Herman Cain can articulate the conservative message. No, it’s because he’s black. Now, to prove this, why else would you oppose the half white black President?

Janeane Garofalo thinks the reason you support Herman Cain is because… well, you’re a racist. I can’t stop laughing at this kind of stupidity. How on earth do Liberals think they are the smartest people on the planet? Look at what they have done to the country since they took over congress in 2006 and taken the White House in 2008. They’ve ran the country into the ground and they continue to present the same exact stupid plans over and over. Let’s admit what Janeane Garofolo is, a white woman who thinks minorities are simply too stupid to figure out what racism is, and that they need to be told when it exist.

Let’s admit what the Democrat party does… they offer minorities a welfare check. That’s what they do. They don’t offer opportunities to succeed, they offer a welfare check to minorities. At least it’s far better than what they used to offer minorities, which was a rope around the neck. And when minorities don’t buy into the welfare check, what they do is offer fear that anybody who opposes them is a “racist”. That’s it, that’s what the Democrat party stands for when it comes to minorities, a welfare check and fear of racist. That’s all they ever will be. The first black President was a white guy (Bill Clinton). The second first black President is a half white guy (Barack Obama). If Herman Cain wins the Presidency, he’ll be the third first black President, and the first actually black President. Do you think the left will praise him as the first black President? Do you think they will oppose Barack Obama? Do you think that it would be because they are… racist?

I think that must be the case with Janeane Garofalo, she opposes Herman Cain for the same exact reason that people oppose Barack Obama, except she can stomach Barack Obama being that Barack Obama has 50% white blood. Plus, the only minorities that Barack Obama actually cares about are Muslims. As long as he helps keep minorities poor, in theory, minorities will continue to vote for the party that is for the poor… the Democrats.

Obviously the Democrats have found themselves in a pickle. Herman Cain is actually black, and Herman Cain is actually in touch with the black community, a far cry from the current occupant in the White House. Herman Cain points out that abortion was meant as a means to eliminate minorities, the current occupant carries on the tradition of Margaret Sanger. Herman Cain actually has create jobs, the current occupant saves imaginary jobs. Herman Cain has turned companies into profitable entities, the current occupant doubles the national debt in just four years. Herman Cain actually is smart, the current occupant claims to be a straight A student but refuses to release his collegiate records. Herman Cain believes there are 50 states in the nation, the current occupant invented seven states just like he invents jobs. Hell, let’s admit it, the current occupant in the White House is so damn incompetent, that it took him two and a half years into his Presidency before he finally found his birth certificate, and no, I’m not getting into the debate whether that is real or not.

More importantly, Herman Cain has proven that he’s actually qualified to lead. What has Barack Obama ever done besides write two autobiographies about himself even though he had never actually accomplished anything with his life? Barack Obama is a joke, a cruel joke at that. The nice thing about Barack Obama is that he’s made it so much easier for the next President of the United States to become America’s next Great President. That man for me? Well, apparently I’m a racist because I’m voting for the real black guy running for President. I’m voting for Cain over Unable (Obama).


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